Yamaha YZ250F 2020 Engine and Body Changes to Boost the Performance

Many people will opt for Yamaha when looking for a perfect trail bike. This manufacturer is known for its continuous innovations in motorbike sector. Fans will be further pampered with the upcoming release of Yamaha YZ250F 2020. What does this new model have to offer to auto fans out there?

Engine Specs of New YZ250F Model

As a 250 cc single cylinder motorbike, this series should be able to compete with other bikes in its class. Since making significant changes in 2014, the manufacturer is attempting to move forward in that direction. This motorbike utilizes new technology, Power Tuner, which allows rider to control it via their smartphone.

The predecessors of Yamaha YZ250F 2020 had not shown significant improvements in its four stroke engine. This new model is redesigning its piston size, cylinder shape, and heads in order to provide better performance. The changes are capable of producing high rpm. Each tooth can be pulled for a while longer before rider has to shift gear. It increases the midrange power up to the top end level.

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It is still unknown whether the vehicle will change the 5-speed transmission of this vehicle, although it certainly already works pretty well. The manufacturer is still going to maintain KYB single shock and Speed Sensitive System as its rear and front suspensions.

New Body Design of 2020 YZ250F

Some changes are also applied in the new frame of this model. The position of its engine mount is shifted. Its overall frame received shape modification as well as firmer material. Such changes allow rider to have better balance when riding. In addition to that, this vehicle is able to respond fast to driver’s control because its frame is stiffer.

Yamaha YZ250F 2020 is equipped with less space taking fuel tank and radiator hood. Because of that, rider will be able to ride more comfortably without having to spread legs too wide. The capacity of reservoir shock is also upped to 30 cc so during long rides the damping control is significantly improved.

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The Estimated Price

The previous model of YZ250F was sold for around $8,200. It is understandable if the new model will be sold well above that price. Perhaps, it will be able to reach market price $9,000 with some changes that it made.

Release Date of 2020 Model

The manufacturer has not released the exact date of Yamaha YZ250F 2020 release. However, experts predict that the new model will be launched after the second quarter of 2019. The prototype had already been introduced in some auto shows around the world to increase anticipation upon its release.

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