What the New 2020 Honda CR-V Will Be Looks Like?

Honda CRV is one of the most popular crossover cars on the market. Therefore, it’s not surprising if the new series of this model will be always expected by many auto lovers. One of the best examples for this case is when the 2020 hondacr v spy photos have been spreading around. Knowing that there is a new car in this series, we can expect some great specification and performance from it. Here are what this car will be looks like.

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2020 Honda Crv Redesign

2020 Honda Crv Redesign

The Design

According to the spy photos, we can see that the new CR-V will have a similar design vibe like the 2017 models. As we all know, the last redesign for CR-V series had been done in the 2017 series. And, it seems Honda doesn’t want to change that much on this new series. We can see that it still has that 2017 vibe.

However, we are happy enough with many new additions on the 2020 models. For example, you can see the new chrome grille, headlights design, taillights, and the most noticeable one is the nose part. And, this newness also carried over to the interior, where we will get a new infotainment system, many new features and more comfortable-to-touch material surrounding the driver and passenger. From the design alone, it’s quite satisfying.

2020 Honda CR-V Spy Shots

2020 Honda CR-V Spy Shots

Specification and Performance

First of all, let’s take a look at what we got in the inside. We have no information about the interior feature. However, we can say that the new CR-V will have at least similar or better feature than CR-V LX. So, it can use a bigger display screen. For example, it uses 7-inches screen for displaying all infotainment options and menus to operate the features inside the car, such as power windows, Bluetooth, navigation and more.

Moving up to the specification under the hood. We expect CR-V 2020 will have a similar specification to EX series. That means it, at least, is equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. If it uses this engine, you can get at least 190 horsepower and 179 lb-ft of torque out of it. Plus, it also provides the two main modes you can change as you want, front wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

2020 Honda Crv Hybrid Release date

2020 Honda Crv Hybrid Release date

Price and Release Date

Unfortunately, we only have 2020 hondacr v spy photos as our main reference for the new CR-V. Honda hasn’t announced the exact date when this car will be released. However, we see the previous series release date; we can expect that the new 2020 CR-V will be around on the market at the earlier or mid-early 2020. Or, if we expect a faster release, we can see this car in the fall of 2019.

As for the price, without too much change or new addition, we can expect that it will have a similar price than the current CR-V model. So, it will be within $25,395 to $35,195. The price won’t be more than that, because we believe that Honda doesn’t have that resource to make a really new and innovative concept within this model series.

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