Public’s New Favorite: Volvo v60 t4 2020

It doesn’t take long for Volvo v60 t4 2020 to gain public’s anticipation. In fact, Volvo is one of the oldest cars on the line. It doesn’t receive much attention as manufacturer has yet to upgrade its features. Now that 2020 Volvo is about to hit the market, people are looking forward to more functional features.

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Volvo v60 t4 2020 Specs

Volvo v60 t4 2020 Specs

Performance, Engine, and Transmission

Volvo’s company guarantees that there will be no six tubes engine anymore. This old engine system has been removed completely from standard procedure. Even bigger vehicle will use five tube instruments. As replacement, newer version put nice combination of diesel and crossbreeds drive train.

This change brings more power for each model. Standard version gets 190 hp and 260 torque energy. More sophisticated model called T5, has 258 hp and 295 lb torque. In short, this car is literally a mini pack of V90.

Exterior, Interior, and Infotainment

Take a look inside V90 then immediately switch to V60. You will find little to no difference between these two. Some might take it as careless decision, but many car lovers have different opinion. V60 includes everyone favorite features, such as hidden infotainment panel, emergency air bag, and signature boxy dashboard panel.

Don’t be mad to Volvo’s company for not being creative. This “copying and downsizing” thing is common among automobile companies. Instead of looking at other Volvo models, you should compare V60 to its competitor. Even though V60 is V90’s mini version, its look is far more refreshing than the other cars on display, such as Mercedes and Audi.

Volvo v60 t4 2020 Interior

Volvo v60 t4 2020 Interior

Safety and Driving Features

Doubting the safety of Volvo v60 t4 2020 is a waste of time. Why does Volvo still hang on top five even after its long years of absence? One of the reasons is its highest safety rating. Euro NCAP gives five stars label for V60.

Most recent update is called City Safety. This system allows car to stop if another car, pedestrian or moving object is detected in radar. Drivers could also steer around these objects if there is enough space to do so.

Another difference in V60 is its higher clearance. Now drivers could drive on rougher landscape without worrying too much about repetitive bumping.

Release Date and Price

You have to wait until 2020 to finally see latest Volvo V60. It has been reported that V60 will make its debut on Geneva Motor Show. In this occasion, you will be able to see standard to high end models.

As for the price, Volvo V60 is sold at cheaper price compared to Audi. When Volvo’s competitor opens their price at 44.000 USD, Volvo stays low with 38.000 USD. The difference might be under 10.000 USD, but it is worthy, as Volvo has similar if not better features than Audi.

Beautiful and more comfortable Volvo v60 t4 2020 is ready to compete against BMW, Mercedes, and also Audi. Taking advantage of its bigger vehicle, Volvo makes V60 as smaller version of them. Minimum changes are made on interior and exterior. Without doubt, this car will attract more drivers than before.

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