Volvo 2017 XC40 Availability Review and Price

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Are you looking for the Volvo 2017 XC40 availability? You are in the right time and place now because this compact crossover has just come to the dealerships. It adds the SUV family of Volvo. They are XC60 and XC90. The new XC40 is the smallest one in the XC lineup. The manufacturer is ready to compete with the Audi Q2 and BMW X2. Check out the details below this paragraph.

Volvo 2017 XC40 Review and Price
Volvo 2017 XC40 Review and Price


We start reviewing the exterior design of the 2017 XC40 since people keep wondering whether or not it uses the 40.1 concept. Yes, this compact crossover is very similar with the concept so far. What make it different are only the flushed-in door and camera-based wing mirrors. It makes the car more than conventional car that we have seen in the class. However, the XC40 doesn’t use metal body. The manufacturer prefers to use creased body work while LED brake lights can be seen from a distance. Volvo wants to make it more special. The roof is completely different with the body paint.


Now, we are coming inside the car. If you check the Volvo 2017 XC40 availability, you must be very attracted with the car. Then, check out the interior first before the engine. Volvo connects its lineup from one to another. You can see that the 2017 Volvo XC40 borrows some parts of its brother, the XC60 and XC90. The dash carries infotainment system in portrait mode. The manufacturer wants to make bolder the system by using big icons and clear layouts. In addition, Volvo also has a great job here in order to make the interior neat. The driver may have easier user-friendly interface with it. Meanwhile, there are some door pockets that can contain large items like laptops and table computers. Likely, Volvo would like to aim modern and busy buyers now. The center console also consists of inductive smartphone charging. In order to bring more space, Volvo designs the ventilated dashboard-mounted subwoofer, which is so smart.

Volvo 2017 XC40 Availability
Volvo 2017 XC40 Availability

Under the Hood

After you have reviewed the exterior and interior, it is time to check the engines or drivetrains under the hood. According to official announcement, Volvo is going to prepare about five engine options for the Volvo 2017 XC40 availability. They consist of two diesels and three petrol engines. For your information, the former diesels deliver 150 and 190 horsepower. Meanwhile, the former petrol produces 156, 190 and 247 horsepower. Automatic transmission is designed only for premium trims, while the manual is for affordable models. Basically, the XC40 is going to have a new 1.5 L three-cylinder engine. It boasts 120 horsepower.  But, it is prepared for the plug-in hybrid version. We don’t know yet when it will happen because it combines better performance and fuel efficiency.

Price and Release Date

This is the paramount thing that you should know about the Volvo 2017 XC40 availability. The base or standard model is called Momentum model start the price on £27,905 with a T3 engine, which produces 156 horsepower. The premium model is priced on £40,355 with a T5 First Edition engine, which delivers 247 horsepower. The 2017 XC40 Volvo is already available on the market since November 2017.

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