Volkswagen Vento 2020 Specs and Its Comfort

What to expect from Volkswagen lately? People are dreaming about Volkswagen Vento 2020. This vehicle is a subcompact car released in Volkswagen India, Russia, and South Africa. They are the subsidiary of the main factory in German. Basically, “Vento” is a name for a special market in India, Malaysia, and Mexico. While in other countries Volkswagen Vento is sold as the Volkswagen Polo Sedan or the Volkswagen Polo Notch.

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Volkswagen Vento 2020 Specs

Volkswagen Vento 2020 Specs

“Vento” itself means “wind” in Italian or Portuguese. Technically, Volkswagen Vento is developed based on the Volkswagen Polo Sedan. But, regarding their certain market, Volkswagen gives several touches on its feature. By knowing this, you will feel a different taste of Volkswagen vehicle.

The Look and Specs

Coming with the design to impress, there is no hesitation to accept this car. Volkswagen Vento 2020 still gives you a taste in driving-with-the-art-of-engineering. The car is perfect if you want every eye glaze at you. These are what Volkswagen did as the facelift:

  1. Exterior Design

The style shows more assertive but still subtle. Indeed, its new performance looks sportier than before. The bumpers are designed for that purpose. Completed by the LED headlamp at the front side, the tail lamps are also got the same treatment. If you are desired for the refreshment, Volkswagen Vento 2020 will come with new colors and design on the wheels.

  1. The Cabin

Volkswagen shows its consistency. They bring a sporty design into the cabin. You will find the newly designed steering wheel right you open the door. The cabin becomes more modern because featured by a ventilated seat, sunroof, and a comfortable leg room. Four or five people are fit in the inside. You don’t have to take tight on your knees. The room is wide enough for the passengers.

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Looking at closer, you will realize that some areas are properly used. Open the trunk by using the fob bottom placed on the door handle. Here you see just how a lot of space you can use.

  1. The Dashboard

A wireless phone charging dock makes this car is more competitive. Seeing its dashboard, you will automatically agree that Volkswagen has done a good job. The dashboard is also equipped with updated technology for its entertainment. Basically, you guys will love this car.

Volkswagen Vento 2020 Interior

Volkswagen Vento 2020 Interior

  1. The Engine

The engine will be replaced with the 1.2-liter turbocharged petrol. It is followed by a new cleaner which running a 1.0-TSI three-cylinder engine. For further development, Volkswagen will continue to offer the 1.6-liter MPI engine. It is good because the engine will meet the BSVI standards.

  1. Safety Feature

One day you probably face a hard road. It is all okay because Vento 2020 set with dual front airbags. It is set on the driver seat and the front passenger seat. There is also an Electronic Stabilization Programme that will ensure you are in control while on a slippery road. Last, there is a hill hold function. It is very useful when you are stepping incline. This prevents your car from rolling backward.

Within its slogan is “Designed to Impress”, Volkswagen Vento 2020 really worth to wait and get. This car is a real creation of what a good car is. When you are willing for something new, then Vento 2020 will impress your expectation.

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