Get Ready For Volkswagen Bulli 2020

Brace yourself for Volkswagen bulli 2020! This will be the sixth line up released by VW. Despite of its look, Bulli model is actually made for light driving, Thus, family or big group could have trip together in one van.

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Vw Bulli 2020 Review, Specs and Release date

Vw Bulli 2020 Review, Specs and Release date

Performance, Engine, and Transmission

For this project, VW is having collaboration with ABT. These two companies agree to build zero emission car. Installed to the car is 38.8 Kwh batteries. If this is not enough, then change it to battery with bigger capacity: 77.6 Kwh.

It is astonishing to learn about new power train used in this model. Generally, electric model has 2 liter turbocharged and 4 line diesel, creating 90 to 200 hp. Thanks to the collaboration partnership, new power train could produce at least 112 hp. If this trial works well, then bulli 2020 will be able to run 250 miles on fully charged battery.

Volkswagen Bulli 2020 Specs

Volkswagen Bulli 2020 Specs

Exterior, Interior, and Infotainment

Front part of volkswagen bulli 2020 comes as its first distinct feature. Take a look at chrome bars. They are occupying the whole width up to headlights. It is as if these chromes take over LED daytime lights. Furthermore, VW claims that these chrome bars might come in different color options.

Some of standard features are also included in the lowest class of Bulli 2020. They are electric window, central lock and heated mirror for doors. Drivers who enjoy some music while driving will appreciate hands- free Bluetooth and radio tuner.

Want some more features? Then go with higher end option. It will allow you to play music through Apple Car Play without using data cable. There is also Volkswagen We, which functioned as language command. This feature will enable voice command for drivers.

Volkswagen Bulli 2020 Release date

Volkswagen Bulli 2020 Release date

Safety and Driving Features

Volkswagen that works with electric energy runs its safety system differently. However, the standard lists of safety are still there. One of them is lane assistance.

Instead of relying on car engine, bulli 2020 tries to use electromechanical system. Is this even possible? ABT and VW smartly invent hydraulic power steering that will serve energy converter role. They also claim that hydraulic power will not bother car’s stability.

Volkswagen Bulli 2020 Price

Volkswagen Bulli 2020 Price

Release Date and Price

Many people are already mesmerized by the upgrades. All of these happen when VW reveals only general picture of upcoming product. VW targets different markets and seems determined to make fitted features for specific country.

For Europe market, Bulli 2020 is targeted to be revealed during fall season. As for the other countries, there is no update yet. If there is one thing people don’t know about latest VW model, it will be the price. Since there is no official statement yet, Instead of having random guess, it will be better to keep updated through its official website.

It is hard to resist the temptation of Volkswagen bulli 2020. It comes out strong, now featuring many modern changes. Most noticeable feature of this new car is electric powered engine. VW challenges to make an engine that could go at least 250 miles before running out of energy. Once Bulli 2020 is released, this dream is coming to reality.

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