Toyota Yaris Cross 2021 Review – Use a Hybrid Engine

Toyota officially launches the latest Yaris cross which is equipped with an environmentally friendly hybrid engine. The cross model was chosen by Toyota to make Yaris appear newer and have the ability in all fields, as a young vehicle that has the ability in all fields, this latest Toyota Yaris cross 2021 also carries a more environmentally friendly engine technology.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2021 Review

Toyota Yaris Cross 2021 Hybrid Engine

Toyota offers a Yaris cross runway sector with two choices. The two sector options are the 3-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1,500 cc Dynamic Force Engine, through the choice of CVT transmission and 6-speed manual transmission. Whereas hybrid engine technology is taken from the same engine but there are additional motor drive systems.

In conventional engines, all power is channeled to the front wheels as a drive. But on the hybrid engine offered front wheel motion or four-wheel motion (4WD). Toyota did not do much change other than the design of the display on the Toyota Yaris cross 2021. Although the label cross can be interpreted as a formidable vehicle on many terrains such as SUVs, but this Yaris cross only relies on a higher wheel level than the hatchback version of the Yaris.

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Toyota Yaris Cross 2021 Interior

For wheelbase Yaris cross the same as the hatchback of 2,560 mm. While the body is 240 mm longer and 20 mm wide with a height of 90 mm from the Yaris hatchback which is currently the highest model offered as the Yaris heyker. Toyota Yaris cross itself will be present as a new model in the middle class, which until now still has a vacuum of models offered by Toyota for the global market.

Although the Toyota C-HR was initially positioned as a competitor model for the Honda HR-V, in terms of features and prices, the C-HR was included in the cross premium vehicle class with prices reaching Rp509 million. The Toyota Yaris, which fills a medium class cross model, is a true contender for the Honda HR-V, which is a mainstay of Honda manufacturers and is selling well because it has a design that is loved by consumers in the country.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2021

The design of the Toyota Yaris cross has a clear line from each body design that it displays. Some parts also have sharp curves that support the sports style of the Yaris crossover. Not only that, the sketch also shows the Yaris cross has a fairly high ground clearance and a large tire diameter. This will support Yaris’s ability as a crossover vehicle that is ready to bulldoze various road terrains. Toyota Yaris will use a body platform with TNGA-B technology developed by Toyota engineers. The advantages of this platform in addition to being designed for compact cars, the Toyota Yaris cross will be a car that is easily controlled and agile.

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Having genetics as a vehicle under an SUV, the Toyota Yaris cross 2021 will present the ideal SUV vehicle sensation. Especially in the rear luggage space that is quite spacious like SUVs in general. Japan became the primary market of Yaris cross and continued to other global markets, such as the European region which is scheduled to launch in mid-2021. The production base of this car is carried out in Japan and France.

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