Toyota Yaris 2020 Europe and New Design Adopted from Mazda

The new Toyota Yaris will get big attention for the fans of Toyota vehicles. It is because there are news and rumors saying the new Yaris will get different look and exterior design. This will be interesting to see. Of course, this may also be applied for the Toyota Yaris 2020 Europe although there can be some adaptation in term of detailed exterior.

Toyota Yaris 2020 Europe Review

Toyota Yaris 2020 Europe Review

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Exterior and Interior

As what is said above, the design of the new Toyota Yaris, including Toyota Yaris 2020 Europe will be different. It is said that Yaris will not use the design that shows identity of Toyota anymore. Instead, it will adopt the design of Mazda. It is quite shocking since Yaris has got some generations and there is such identity and characteristic in each concept.

The changes do not mean Yaris looks bad. In fact, it looks more attractive and sporty. The hatchback and rear parts get big differences. The fascia and whole body also gets sleeker and sportier following the design of Mazda. Then, its grille is interesting. It get large grille and it looks so aggressive some people even say that it looks like a bulldog.

Toyota Yaris 2020 Europe Release date

Toyota Yaris 2020 Europe Release date

Then, the question will be about the Toyota Yaris 2020 Europe. It is because America and Europe some different regulation in term of safety and it deals with the bumper. Based on this, it seems that the front fascia for the Europe model will get some changes.

For the interior, it also adopts the concept in Mazda. The clear part can be found in the dashboard. Its simple and compact dashboard really shows how Mazda create the vibe in the cabin. It is actually good although it will change the identity of Yaris.

Engine and Performance

For the sector of performance, it is already clear that Toyota Yaris is not kind of vehicle with powerful engine. Although it adopts the design of Mazda, it seems that the engine sector will not get big changes. It still uses what the common Yaris usually offers.

For the new generation, it will use 1.5liter engine. It is four-inline cylinder that will be able to provide output up to 106 horsepower. It gets manual transmission in 6 speeds. It is not kind of drastic improvements compared to the previous generation, but it is still good.

Toyota Yaris 2020 Europe Price

Toyota Yaris 2020 Europe Price

There is also additional SPORT mode. This mode can be activated to boost the performance. Specifically, it will give enhancement for the car to give better acceleration. This can be one of the interesting points related to the engine of Toyota Yaris 2020 Europe.

Release Date of Toyota Yaris 2020 Europe

Unfortunately, it is quite hard to know when the new generation of Yaris is released for the Europe market. So far, Asia and America market already makes some announcement about the car. The official release for the Europe market surely will be done soon. Then, the debut of Toyota Yaris 2020 for Europe market may appear in early 2020.

There is still some time to wait for. Moreover, it is still official launch, so the distribution will take some time. Regulation for the Europe market may also become factor and it is surely interesting to see how the appearance of Toyota Yaris 2020 Europe.

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