Toyota Sienna Minivan 2020 Specs and Interesting Features to Offer

In 2020, Toyota has interesting vehicle to offer. It is Toyota Sienna Minivan 2020, and it refers to the new Sienna. It is nice minivan with some updates in term of appearance and performance. Of course, it is good to see the details offered by this minivan.

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Toyota Sienna Minivan 2020

Toyota Sienna Minivan 2020

Interior and Exterior Of Toyota Minivan

First part to discuss is the exterior of Toyota Minivan 2020. In this case, it comes with stylish and modern design. It has bold look and it can be seen from the front fascia. It has bold character in the lower fascia, while the upper part shows its stylish look. The headlight also gives perfect combination

Then, the interesting thing can be found in the nightshade edition. This is special edition and this is only available in the SE trim. It is different design since it shows great design with sporty look. Its honeycomb grille, sporty fascia, aggressive curves, and great color become special features to find.

For the interior, the dashboard gets wide size with its touch-screen monitor and other panels. Since it is minivan, it gets nice space management to give comfort. There is also dual-moonroof to get the nice vibe inside the cabin.

Toyota Sienna Minivan 2020 Release date

Toyota Sienna Minivan 2020 Release date

Engine Performance of Toyota Minivan

Then, powertrain of Toyota Sienna Minivan 2020 gets the next point to discuss. In this case, the car gets 3.5liter V6 engine. It is engine with direct-injection technology. It is said the powertrain is refined and enhanced. Then, its output can reach 296 horsepower.

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For the comfort in driving, the minivan offers nice suspension. It is not just common suspension since it is tuned for the sport utility, so it gives good handling and control even when the engine boost its performance. There is also electric power steering that will give good driving flexibility in responding all kinds of movements. Of course, it will keep steady in great stability.

Toyota Minivan 2020 Interior

Toyota Minivan 2020 Interior

Features Offered By the Car

For the features of Toyota Minivan 2020, there are some main technologies to give safety and comfort. These are developed and installed in order to make sure that driver and passengers get the satisfaction in driving the car. For the safety feature, it gets Steering Assist. It is useful since the technology can detect in case you are not driving in the good lane or position. In this case, the feature will give automatic inputs to correct the position.

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The cruise control and pre-collision system are also provided for this minivan in order to prevent worst condition on the roads. Then, it gets good entertainment system in the cabin. There are five ports of USB installed and these can be found in the seat rows. There is also wireless connection that can connect five devices in the cabin.

Toyota Sienna Minivan 2020 Price

Toyota Sienna Minivan 2020 Price

Pricing Of Toyota Minivan

In term of price, each trim level gets different price and these have quite significant differences. For the base model, the L trim, it is sold from $32,500. Then, the SE trim starts from the $38,600. The SE model can also get the Nightshade mode and the mode requires additional $700.

For those who do not want to get sporty look as in SE, there is XLE model and it has same price as the SE model. This has similar features and specs. The equipment is also similar. Then, the last model is the Limited trim and it is priced $45,400. These are the complete prices of Toyota Sienna Minivan 2020 and these are still competitive.

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