The Brand New Toyota New Fortuner 2020 5/5 (2)

Toyota again amazed automotive fans with the planned launch of the latest car from Fortuner series in 2020. One of the giant car maker companies from Japan is intending to compete in the midst of widespread use of crossover everywhere. In fact, reportedly the possibility of a new breakthrough will be coupled with North America as the place of manufacture. Let’s see a review of Toyota New Fortuner 2020 further!

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Toyota New Fortuner 2020 Price

Toyota New Fortuner 2020 Price

Every Possible Change on the New Fortuner Design

It is predicted that Fortuner 2020 will later experience a small number of modifications. It is intended, so this new Toyota will be more adaptive and suitable with the automotive market outside Southeast Asia, for example in Europe and North America. But of course, changes will not occur in the initial design which is indeed a characteristic of the Fortuner.

As in the previous design, the new Fortuner will still prioritize off-road comfort as one of its superior features. Therefore, it is almost certain that the changes that will occur later will only be seen in appearance, both exterior and interior appearance.

The Toyota New Fortuner Engine Changes

In terms of car engines, Toyota car enthusiasts seem to have to hold back a little. Reportedly, it is likely that the Toyota New Fortuner 2020 will carry gasoline engines, with the same storage unit of around 2.7 liters so that it can produce a maximum of 160 horsepower. For the 4Runner model, it is estimated that it will use a large 4.0-liter gasoline system with power output of 275 horsepower as well as 280 pound-feet torque.

Toyota New Fortuner 2020

Toyota New Fortuner 2020

Extra and New Features Are Coming!

The AWD framework that is carried out will be discretionary with the system offered will be in the form of a 6-step program or a 6-step manual. On the other hand, the Fortuner Crusade will offer the premium JBL sound frame quality with 12 speakers, front seat facilities with flexible 8-way control and heating plus cooling options.

Toyota will introduce two new safety features in Toyota New Fortuner 2020. First is auto turning off the engine when it turns on (idling) for too long. Second, the transmission switches to P (Park) mode by itself or activates the emergency brake if the driver forgets to do so when getting out of the car.

The first feature is working through a warning appears on the smart key before the machine turns itself off or it could be through a smartphone application that gives a warning. The Auto Park system, the way it works has been mentioned before. According to Toyota, this feature works in the condition of the driver’s door open, the seat belt is open or the parking brake is not active. This is so that the car does not slide when parking.

Release Date and Price Prediction

This latest output is still the thing that makes everyone curious. Based on the direct delivery by the manufacturer, it is expected that the Toyota New Fortuner 2020 can be released soon in late 2019 or early 2020 with an estimated initial price of around $ 30,000.

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