Toyota Innova 2020 Model A Facelift from The Previous One

Toyota Innova is known as one of the champs among MPV-class vehicle. Here we know that its function tends to be used as a family car than to face a heavy road. Different from the SUV which is required to carry passengers and goods in one time. Toyota is improving its vehicle to face the market’s development, such as the market’s desire. So, Toyota Innova 2020 model shows you several new touches on its features.

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Toyota Innova 2020 Price

Toyota Innova 2020 Price

Innova 2020 comes as a facelift from the previous one. It seems like Toyota won’t change a whole identity from the previous series. They still bring the last Innova self to 2020 model. It proves Toyota really concerns to pay attention to what market wants.

Toyota Innova 2020 Model Details

Some people might classify Toyota Innova as the SUV car. Indeed, it is quite similar. But, basically, SUV is more required to carry passengers and goods in one time. While the Toyota Innova tends to be a family car. It is completed with several compartments for small items. If you want for more space, it is easy to get. Just fold the back seat, you can do this simply. Here are the touches on Innova 2020:

  1. Exterior

Toyota Innova 2020 is more perfect to be used for your family and many probably occasion. It is stylish with a competitive sporty concept, mostly for your daily use and working needs. Its lighting is formed by fashionable LEDs. The big frame increases the sports sense of the design.

  1. Interior

This series is still comfortable for eight passengers used. The touch is trendier with a high-quality chosen fabric to gentle natural leather. For more space, you can eliminate another row seating and directly appears a wider area. Within a perfect finishing, Toyota Innova 2020 model is capable to enhance everyone’s convenient.

Toyota Innova 2020 Model Interior

Toyota Innova 2020 Model Interior

  1. Dashboard

If you are dreaming of a complete feature, then this Innova 2020 makes your dream come true. Toyota gives various improvements to the technologies. For example, the Entune touch-screen, a professional menu program for mobile connection, and many entertainment method options. This screen also includes a break-up display that allows you to do a couple of tasks into once.

  1. Safety

Besides the design, its safety feature cannot be separated from the previous series. To protect the passengers this car is completed with SRS airbag, GOA (Global Outstanding Assesment), and a harmony strong other safety feature.

Toyota Innova 2020 Model Crysta

Toyota Innova 2020 Model Crysta

  1. Engine

Feel the sensation of a clean new electric powered engine from Innova 2020. It comes with 2-liter VVT-I motor engine. It is potential for 134 horses delivering and 182 Nm connected with torque. Completed with the 2.4-liter diesel engine, you will get an extraordinary accredited 6-boosting info and transmissions.

This Toyota Innova 2020 model might be costing more than the previous one. But seeing its specification, you probably have to set yourself to try this one. It is worthy, and once you see and try a likelihood you will accept this car. Innova 2020 can be truly refreshment from Toyota for the market. Through their update and touch in several spots, this car is probably being a-most-wanted MPV car ever.

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