Toyota Avensis 2020 New Model A Redesign of Your Family Car

Once people know about the plan of Toyota Avensis 2020 new model, they absolutely expect for another creation from the previous one. Popular as the mid-size family car, Toyota Avensis had ever been a successor in European and Japan market. And now, Toyota is trying to get that achievement again through this Avensis 2020 new model.

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Toyota Avensis 2020 new model

Toyota Avensis 2020 new model

In Japan, a large MPV is known as Toyota Avensis Verso. While in the other country Avensis was not responded well. But, with the same platform, the Corolla succeed. Also, with the Camry had. Over the years, Toyota created Avensis with advanced technology and power. It dues to challenge its competitors in the family car class, which are Mazda, Volkswagen, and many more.

The Specs

“Toyota Avensis. Smart Thinking”, that is the slogan which brought by Toyota for Avensis series. So, it is normal when the market expects improvements for the new series. Thus, several parts are high-lighted of Toyota Avensis 2020 new model. These are things you might want to know about the specs:

  1. Exterior Design

In order to rival the competitors, the Toyota Avensis 2020 new model comes with a modern little design. There are 17” and 18” alloy auto tires. At the top, this car is completed with a modern roof cover. You will find a bigger rear side. It is more considerable for the rear lighting fixtures. It brings you a lot of good things, whether for city activities or other outdoors.

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  1. Cabin Condition

For every city or family car, the cabin is used to be an issue. People want a little simple car but craving for a wide area. The cabin of this car had a few changes as Toyota innovation. It is still comforting for four until five passengers inside. Toyota put an excellent-high quality leather for the seat. They also applied a structure-dependent as their interior innovative. This is impressive and such a groundbreaking.

  1. The Dashboard

Another best improvement comes from the dashboard. Avensis 2020 presents an 8-ins touchscreen display. It is completed with several technologies. One of them is the wi-fi and Bluetooth connection for your convenience. Another thing that will attract your attention is the control you might do with this car. Avensis 2020 gives you total authority and protection as well.

  1. Safety Feature

As mentioned before, Avensis 2020 gives you very well protection. It could be seen from its safety feature on the dashboard. There is a digital camera of the rear point. Also, there is protection called braking plans program. For more safety features, Toyota gives the market an advance crash strong extreme caution too.

     5.The Engine

You will find a fantastic Toyota Avensis 2020 new model in the engine. A fuel consumption turns to be a crucial thing for every customer. While in this car a 1.6 engine liter can result in about 132 freeway 160 km of torque. Another alternative option, 1.8 liters of petrol used and produced 147 freeway with the 180Nm torque. This is impressive, and it has to be your experience.

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Toyota Avensis 2020 new model indeed will give you some improvements. But it is still in the assessment period to catch what market needs and wants. Back to the slogan, Toyota wants to prove the smart way of making an efficient car. It is proven by the release of Toyota Avensis as their car series.

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