The Second Generation of BMW 4-Series 2021 Review

BMW officially introduces the second generation of BMW 4-Series 2021. Yup, the second generation, because the new 4-Series arises when BMW wants to separate the 3-Series 2-door from the 4-door, where the 2-door version changes its name to 4-Series. The concept version first appeared and this production version appeared. We will discuss the design later, especially the part that really wants to be discussed. We go to another part first.

BMW 4-Series 2021 Review

Review of BMW 4-Series 2021

For now, the top variant of the BMW 4-Series before the arrival of the M4 is the BMW M440i which uses a 3,000 cc 6 cylinder turbo engine with a 48V mild hybrid system, and this system is new for a 4-Series. The total power is 382 hp and the torque is 500 Nm, and when combined with an 8-speed transmission as the only choice, the BMW M440i can run from 0-100 in 4.3 seconds, but don’t be surprised if the actual can be faster than 4.3 seconds .

If you only want the appearance of a 2 door coupe, there is a BMW 430i that makes more sense with a choice of a 2,000 cc turbo engine powered by 255 hp and 399 Nm of torque, but without mild hybrid technology. For the RWD version 0-100 it is enough 5.5 seconds while the AWD is 5.3 seconds. Although it has a backbone that is similar to the BMW 3-Series G20, the 4-Series gets different settings for the new suspension, extra rigidity and different dimensions of the car.

The BMW 4-Series 2021 is longer, wider and flatter than the 3-Series. The 50:50 weight distribution is maintained, and the buyer will be offered a BMW M adaptive suspension upgrade package including a reset for steering, damping and a more aggressive gas response in Sport mode. The interior of the BMW 4-Series tends to be normal like other BMWs, and the BMW 4-Series is the first BMW to offer Android Auto features.

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BMW 4-Series 2021 Interior

Alright, now let’s discuss the outside. Yes, the grille is huge, and this is similar to the concept version. It seems that in the future we should be familiar with this large 4-Series grille, and indeed this change is controversial. This big grille makes the likes and dislikes voice their respective opinions. We? Hmm … We need time to get used to it, but it’s only natural that new things reap differences when they first come out, because not everyone can accept changes.

Will it be cool in the long run when you get used to it or it still feels weird even though it’s been seen many times in a long time, let the time answer. At the very least, this could be a shock therapy to shake the design of a car that is always just like that, especially German brands that usually keep their distance from movements with a big risk. When new cars are all the same design and boring, something different itself will have a special place.

Another thing is, we appreciate the effort to distinguish the 4-Series from the 3-Series and 8-Series so that the identity of the display is strong, unlike the 8-Series being reduced or the 3-Series being circumcised. Try to see how many times the design of German car models likes to be spelled out like Russian dolls, Matroska, because the designs are the same despite the different sizes. Seeing the big grille on the road, it wouldn’t be mistaken for a BMW 4-Series as another car.

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BMW 4-Series 2021

The headlights have a hexagon LED line and a choice of laser lights are available, while the sides have a cleaner and simpler line pull compared to the previous BMW 4-Series. The taillights design is more curved and somewhat like the Acura or Lexus taillights. Dual exhaust behind it seems only a chrome frame, while the original muffler is hiding behind it.

If you feel the display is still lacking, remember: This is still an early iteration. BMW’s best efforts will arise when designing the M variant, the BMW M4 or BMW M4 GTS later. Well, for now maybe please discuss with each other’s tastes about this appearance. The thing is clear, this BMW 4-Series 2021 has the same status as the Pajero Sport taillights or even the overall design of the Nissan Juke: Equally sparking debate, daring to be different, and at least, It’s stand for something. What is your opinion?

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