Subaru Prominence 2020 for Future Car Development

The car market changes to fulfill what customers demand. Many products are available from various brands, and one of them is Subaru. When discussing about Subaru, people will recognize high-capability Outback with advanced engine. In 2014, Subaru Prominence 2020 was announced as new business projection for next five years.

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Subaru Prominence 2020

Subaru Prominence 2020

Business vision

Prominence 2020 is the mid-term management vision in order to be in the top car market. In past time, sedan became prominent choice because most people saw the car as luxury thing. With new economic growth in developing countries, the market expands to new customers. This is what Subaru does for the next business projection.

Subaru may not be the most prolific manufacturers with millions sales. It does not mean the company will have drawback in production cycle. On contrary, Subaru focuses on business area where Subaru has the strongest capability. In the future, every vehicle represents Subaru as the best car brand in the world.

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New vehicles and upgrades

Subaru Prominence 2020 does not explain in detail what kind of car that will be released. However, several models are ready to receive upgrades. As you know, the company has two ways to attract customers and boost the sales. It is relatively difficult to introduce new brand without proper preparation. As solution, Subaru can rely on upgrading planning.

Some models are ready to receive upgrade, such as Crosstrek, Impreza, Outback, Legacy, Forester, Ascent, and WRX. Legacy and Impreza are still favorable choices in sedan category. Subaru may try to increase the capability on crossover and SUV. The demand in both segments increase each year. People want versatile car with many capabilities.

Besides regular engine, Subaru Prominence 2020 also focuses on hybrid and electric car. Until now, some models have hybrid version and Subaru intends to prolong this category. Hybrid seems to be the future in emerging market. Customers want the car with long miles capability but highly efficient. Zero fuel is long way to implement, so hybrid is the solution. On contrary, developed countries have potential market for electric car.

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The cars have touchscreen display at front dashboard. It is the most common feature installed in the latest product. Driver can manage almost everything easily. Moreover, Subaru also enhances safety measures. Sensor, camera, cruise control, blind spot detector, lane assist, and brake system are examples of features to support the safety aspects. Of course, Subaru does not forget to add the safety belt and airbags.

Release date and price

Each model has its own timeline. Mid-term vision is only five years, which only few models will receive facelift or complete upgrade from one generation to the next level. The price will be higher but still affordable. Prominence does not refer to particular brand. In that case, you should check what price at certain brands.

Based on recent information, customer needs to spend at least $19,000 for Impreza and $22,500 for Legacy. If you like, Forester or Outback, the price starts at $24,300 and $26,500 respectively. Subaru also has other models with affordable price but in high capability and performance. In general, Subaru Prominence 2020 will make sure the price is reasonable without losing benefits.

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