Specs to Expect from New 2020 Nissan Z Concept

Sport car is highly competitive segment for automotive industry. Many manufacturers release new update and vehicle every year, including Nissan. What is new sport car from this company? There is rumor about 2020 Nissan Z Concept as replacement to the old model. If this information is true, you can expect many things from this model.

2020 Nissan Z Concept

2020 Nissan Z Concept

The Design of 2020 Nissan Z Concept

For your information, Z Concept is specifically design for new car, not the upgraded or facelift model. Nissan has already Z model recently. It uses two seats aerodynamic curve. The sport car has to be agile and this model will have sharp front grille.

On the other hand, Nissan does not leave base design and principle from the old Z model. In fact, 370Z still has contribution when designing concept car. Moreover, the Z concept will be branded as 400Z. The concept design looks similar, but Nissan adds few additional distinctions. As the result, you will see sport car with sporty touch and modern style.

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Engine and Technical Specs

Recent model is called 370Z because it uses 3.7 liter engine. For 2020 Nissan Z Concept, it expects to be 4.0 liter which is more powerful. The engine is turbocharged and capable to boost approximately 400 hp. This is not definitive, but you will get more powerful engine that previous model.

Sport car will have several panels and advanced features. It uses display with touchscreen mode at front dashboard. Everything you need is available in this one. Well, you can control easily then check the car level. Moreover, Nissan integrates the system connected to satellite. Basically, all features in the car technology will be applied in 2020 Nissan Z Concept.

Nissan develops engine for Z model using Infinity Q Series. As you know, Infinity is Nissan sub-company for luxury brand. Several models are high performance sport cars that can be applied to other Nissan lineup. Keep in mind that Z Series is second rate sport car because the engine and capability is lower than GTR. Nissan introduces Z model for customers who like high speed driving with comfort car and affordable price.

2020 Nissan Z Release date

2020 Nissan Z Release date

Release Date and More Information

Since the first release, Nissan always adds few updates to Z model. However, it seems there is not much significant changing and enhancement. This is why people expect that Nissan might prepare new model for this series. New car should be completely new, not only for the appearance, but also engine.

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As alternative, Nissan can rebrand old GTR technology that’s still powerful enough as sport car. Mid-engine category in sport vehicle doesn’t have to be significantly advanced. Some companies rely on the old base engine then put it into new brand. Of course, the engine is not enough without refinement, including adding controls and panels.

When this model is ready in market? You need to wait the official announcement from Nissan. Usually, one or two year’s prior production stage is time to introduce upcoming Z Concept. After that, customers can order and wait until 2020 Nissan Z Concept is ready to drive on the road.

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