Review of Honda Civic Type R 2021

Along with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, Japanese car manufacturer Honda recently revealed about their strategy to compete in the era of electric vehicles in the future, especially in European countries. The plan was delivered by Honda on the sidelines of the Geneva Auto Show car show.

In this case, one product that is concern is the Honda Civic Type R which has been competing closely with other products in the hatchback sport class. Honda claimed to be preparing to develop the Civic Type R with a hybrid engine as a variant of the electric hatchback sports car. If there is no obstacle this variant will be launched in 2021. Many people consider this step is one of the effects of Honda’s success in launching the Honda NSX on the market which has been equipped with a Hybrid engine.

Honda Civic Type R 2021

Since we made this plan in March 2017, the change to electric vehicles has been at an unavoidable stage. Environmental challenges make the need for environmentally friendly mobility products increase. The more advanced technology has made people start to shift their perspective on the vehicle product itself, “said Head of Honda Europa Tom Gardner, as quoted by Autocar.

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Honda Civic Type R 2021 Review and Specifications

For additional information, the engine used on the Honda NSX is the Twin Turbo 3.5L V6 and to produce power of 573 hp Honda installed two electric motors. Although later the engine that will be applied is not as big as the engine on the NSX, Honda Civic Type R will likely be equipped with a 2.0 L engine capacity as a way to be able to accelerate up to 100 kph from rest in a period of 5.8 seconds.

Honda Civic Type R 2021 interior

According to information that has been circulating that two years ago Honda had revealed that it would change the strategy related to the products it created, which would change its products into Hybrids or become electric cars in the year 2025. But apparently this plan was actually accelerated because of the demands of the situation and Honda’s big ambitions over the European market.

Honda Civic Type R 2021 Review

In addition, Honda’s biggest plan is also based on the closing of the Civic Type R production site in Swindon, England in 2021. This is one step for Honda to prepare for the era of electric motors. And most likely the production of the Honda Civic Type R will be transferred to China, Japan and North America. At the Geneva Auto Show exhibition, Honda introduced a prototype of an electric car for the future, the Urban EV Concept. The product will later be offered in conjunction with the Honda CR-V Hybrid, Honda Jazz Hybrid, and also the Honda Civic Type R Hybrid in 2021.

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