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Everyone has expectations, everyone can expect and certainly everyone has a dream. Apparently, there are so many people out there who expect Ford to bring back the Bronco to the production line, please say YES if it’s true and say NO if you don’t agree! Perhaps this expectation is like a dream in broad daylight, but I’ve recently seen a lot of discussion on various community forums and social media such as Facebook and Reddit. I’m probably not going to mention one by one, because I don’t want this article too long like a history book. :D LOL…

As you know that there is no any confirmation from Ford so far regarding the sixth-gen Bronco. Some people may not like rumors, they even treat it as nonsense, but all can be started from here, a rumor which they describe as nonsense. Ford may be releasing the 2018 Bronco as an off-road vehicle (ORV) in the future and enjoy great cake in its specific market which is currently still dominated by the Jeep Wrangler. But it’s only a matter of time to uncover the truth.

2015 Ford Bronco 2-Door Digitally Imagined

There’s no official word on specs, but the upcoming Ford Bronco allegedly will offer three different engines, two gasolines and one diesel. Both gasoline powertrain will reportedly borrowed from the current Ford F-150 pickup, although we understand that it’s just a rumor. The twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine is expected to be the first option, with its peak output at least 365 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque.

2015 Ford Bronco Render

The 5.0-liter V8 engine will likely be available as well, which is good enough to generate 360 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque. The last one, the 2018 Ford Bronco rumored to get a 4.5-liter diesel engine. Regardless of which engine is selected, the next Bronco may be available with four-wheel drive setup that can be paired to either a newly-developed six-speed manual or automatic gearbox.

So I have one question to you, should Ford bring back the Bronco? Let me know what your expectations and let’s end this rumor. Please send your vote in the poll below or share your opinion in the comments field. Your comment is appreciated here.

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23 thoughts on “Poll: Should Ford bring back the Bronco?

  1. The only way I would want it back is if they make it IDENTICAL to the concept in Look & Feel and if it is ONLY available in 1 color…the same color as the concept. If they bring back anything less I won’t be interested and neither will a lot of other people I know, and we have ALL discussed this at length PLENTY of times. None of us want some design that plays off of the Raptor. We all (every single one of my guys), want the concept look to be made into production.

  2. yes I love the Bronco but one thing your should your lives with 5.8 liter 400 horsepower with 373 gear ratio wit 4 inch lif kit
    35 inch tire with twin turbo

  3. my family love the Bronco to go hunting fishingfour wheeling and the best part we need some horsepower just like the 5.8 liter 400 horsepower with twin turbo well be a matching to everybody love fishing and huntingI know we just people but you can forgot we the buyer someday Ford dealer well wake up and believe the people who buy from you peopleI Drive ford all my life today I’m sixty years old and will love ford too rebuild the bronco the right away hi I’ve 7 Bronco all my life I love every one of thembut just like I said power gear ratio well be the best machine in the world

  4. yes I do love the Bronco style Raptor will be nice to have the same power like raptor same suspension 4 lift kit 35 inch tire twin turbo well be the Machine to buy every days I will buy one I know some of my family will by 2

  5. please bring out the 2004 concept bronco, the raptor bronco stinks. we want economy, diesel, tactical, capable, k.i.s.s., you know. your 2004 concept was perfect, exactly what we need. please.

  6. BRING it back for sure, solid axles, diesel, manual and removable top. This would be a breath of fresh air for ford. Don’t get me wrong I love my f150s as much as the next guy but the bronco is something special that especially now needs to be revived. If you wanna go off road with ford your stuck with the f150 unless you want to seriously mod the expedition. One question why do they say 4.5 L diesel not the 3.2 L that everyone seems to be talking about that is in the Transit and was rumored to be put in the F150 at one point.

  7. Please do not associate the word “Raptor” or any paint markings of the Raptor look… That would be a bad marketing decision. Keep it clean. Bronco does not need “weird” paint jobs for sales. Tuff, effective with some luxury flare and comfort zones available

  8. I like it
    Really want three pedals and two shifters. But I am getting a little spoiled to the twisty knob on the dash and love the lockable rear diff.

  9. THIS LOOKS GREAT and i agree with the others it does not need to look like the raptor to sell.if it does it might last a year if ford is lucky.i say keep the concept it will sell better and make everyone happy. ford seems to be doing better just needs to catch up to jeep and dodge.Better MPG for one i like ford but am still not sold.BRING OUT THE BRONCO CND THEN WE WILL TALK.

  10. I Really DO NOT ! Want The Bronco To Look Like The Raptor PERIOD ! I Love It The Way It Is . Does The Jeep Grand Cherokee Look Like The Jeep Patriot . No It Does’nt . Keep It Simple . And Please Don’t Do What Jeep Did With The Cherokee Use An Actual Shifter Not A Dinky Little Knob ! One Other Thing I Think It Should Have At Least For Different Colors But NOT UGLY COLORS LIKE BROWN OR FOREST GREEN Stick With Silver , Black , Red , White Or Grey Or You Could Do A Two Tone White On The Bottom And Grey On Top Vice Versa .

  11. Even If They Bring Back The Bronco I Probably Won’t Buy It Or Any Other Ford For That Matter . Reason Why Is Because They Are Too Expensive Compared To Chevy Which Does’nt Realy Make Since Considering They Are Both American Companies So Don’t Start This It’s American Made Crap I Can Get All Kinds Of Chevys For Either The Same Price Or Less

  12. The ford bronco should look like a ford bronco, not a shorter ford raptor. YES bring back the bronco, but its gotta be a bronco. And it should be made the way they were when the actually sold, simple, powerful and solid, with removable tops. If not then no will buy them because no one is gonna pay $40,000 for some gutless little city truck when there’s cheaper and better options out there.

  13. I love the idea of them bringing back the Bronco but I love the old body style. I just bought a 94 Ford bronco and I love it! I don’t think that I would buy this version, but I am glad they finally brought it back! Bout time!

  14. But need to keep the old body style. I have noticed a lot of old Broncos out this year. The bronco came back finally. Needs to “look” like a bronco though. Not any other SUV

  15. Don’t like the raptor paint job, but love the look of the vehicle … would definitely consider buying one of these when I have to replace my escape.

  16. The Bronco Community should start a BRING BACK THE BRONCO PAGE. The SHO fanatics were successful. A new Bronco should follow the concept yet possess a body on frame design, solid axles, coil spring suspension, medium (NOT FULLSIZE) body and (WITH NO ACCEPTIONS, NONE)removable top sections! Ford could even offer an XL edition with four doors. Hate to see that but….Jeep is killing the market. Get up FORD! Listen to your market loyal buyers and BUILD IT! We Want a BRONCO not a jeep!!!

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