Peugeot Landtrek 2021 Ready to Compete

Peugeot has been known as a maker of sedans, hatchbacks, to SUVs, Even though the French car manufacturer also made a pickup truck. Don’t blame yourself for lacking updates, but indeed this type of Peugeot is only devoted to developing countries where this brand is already quite well known and has quite good sales. ┬áPeugeot recently launched its latest pickup called Landtrek. This is Peugeot’s fourth open body lineup, after 504 Pickups sold in the 1980s, Hoggar based in 206 and sold in American countries. And this Landtrek is assigned to push into the mid-size truck segment.

Peugeot Landtrek 2021

Just like Pickup, in developing this Landtrek Peugeot also cooperated with other parties, namely the leading car company from China, Changan. So, Peugeot Landtrek 2021 is made on the basis of Kaicene F70. For information, Kaicene is a brand under Changan Motors that is tasked with making commercial vehicles.

Peugeot Landtrek 2021 Ready to Compete in the Mid-Size Truck Segment

In terms of exterior design, Peugeot’s design team continues to use the latest manufacturer design language. This is seen from the trapezoid-shaped grille with chrome plated. On top of the lion logo stands the inscription ‘PEUGEOT’ which is the hallmark of the current lineup of the manufacturer. The headlights are rectangular in shape and there are LED Daytime Running Lights positioned just below the headlamps. Like other pickup cars, the Landtrek taillights are also positioned vertically. In certain types, Landtrek is equipped with a chrome-plated roll bar on the body.

Peugeot Landtrek 2021 Interior

Entering the cabin, you can still see the design of the Kaicene F70 on this Landtrek, such as the instrument panel, 10-inch touch screen on the middle cockpit, the AC grille, the operating buttons under the AC grille, to the placement of the transmission lever. The steering wheel though both are two bars, but in this Landtrek seen picking from the latest generation Peugeot 3008. Embedded features include Android Auto, Apple Car Play, Bluetooth connection, USB plugs, hard drive with 10 GB storage capacity, and others.

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Peugeot offers several types of Landtrek with quite attractive seating configurations, such as 6 seats with 3 front and rear seats. Meanwhile, available safety systems include Lane Departure Warning, 360 camera, Hill Desecent Control, ASR, and Swing Control Trailer.

Peugeot Landtrek 2021 Review

Talking about pickup cars things that should not be forgotten is how much the body is opened. The manufacturer says that Landtrek is able to load goods up to weighing 1 ton. But in some types of carrying capacity is greater, which is 1.2 tons. Uniquely, if consumers choose the Landtrek single cab model Peugeot will offer an option whether the car wants to be equipped with a rear bumper or not. The goal is to make it easier to access the tailgate.

The mechanical heart offered is gasoline and diesel. For 2,400 cc 4-cylinder gasoline engines equipped with turbocharged power it can produce 207 hp and 320 Nm of torque. As for diesel, it has a 1,900 cc mechanical heart with 148 hp and 350 Nm of torque. The transmission used is a 6-speed manual or automatic. For the first time, this car is sold in Latin American and African countries. Next year will follow other developing countries.

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