Opel Mokka 2021 Present a New Design with Electric Power

After some time ago, releasing an official sketch photo of the latest generation of Mokka, now Opel is officially introducing Mokka 2021. This Small SUV has been named as the first car from Opel that uses full electricity as its driving force. Besides this car is also the first to use the latest Opel design language. Speaking of design, let’s discuss this new external design of Opel Mokka. The German manufacturer said that the latest Mokka exterior design was inspired by vizor on a full-face helmet and the plan would also be applied to other Opel lineups. Hopefully the design is not uniform.

Opel Mokka 2021

In the muzzle, this new Mokka has a headlight with a rigid shape. Likewise with the LED Daytime Running Lights, which are placed at the top of headlamps. Because this is an electric car, there is no traditional grille like a conventional engine. Interestingly, the hood of this car comes in a different color from the other parts. For the rear, the Opel designer team gave the shape of the rear lights similar to the main lights. But for the rear lights have a slightly larger dimension.

Opel Mokka 2021 Review and Specifications

Opel Mokka 2021 also became the first lineup of the German brand to use Pure Panel. This is an instrument panel that combines an ordinary instrument panel with an entertainment screen that usually ‘stands’ alone in the middle cockpit. In this Pure Panel Opel provides a 12-inch full digital instrument panel screen behind the steering wheel and a 10-inch multimedia screen. The manufacturer maintains several important operating buttons so that the driver can still focus on the highway when driving.

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Opel Mokka 2021 Interior

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay features come as standard. Then there is also OpelConnect which has a real time navigation system feature. This car also comes with wireless charging for smart phones. The car in the UK branded Vauxhall has a lighter weight of 120 kg compared to the previous generation. This small SUV also comes with 30% more rigidity. With a lighter weight and a stiffer car body, this new Mokka is more fuel efficient, more responsive, more agile, and more comfortable to look at.

Because this is an electric car, Opel gave the name Mokka-e. The Opel engine buries an electric motor with 136 hp and has 260 Nm of torque. The battery used has a capacity of 50 kWh and is able to cover a distance of up to 322 km if the battery is fully charged and if in Normal driving mode. For the maximum speed is 150 km / hour. Opel said that the Mokka battery can be recharged within 30 minutes and has reached 80% but must use 100 kW plugs.

Opel Mokka 2021 Review

Embedded features are quite complete, such as ACC (Advanced Cruise Control) with Stop and Go functions, Active Lane Positioning System, Adaptive IntelliLux LED Matrix, panoramic rear camera, Traffic Sign Recognition, and many more. Because this SUV is being developed on PSA’s Common Modular Platform (CMP) platform, this allows Mokka to be sold with ordinary gasoline and diesel engines. Opel said that it plans to sell the new Mokka with a choice of conventional machines later. But when it was launched this summer, Mokka was temporarily only available in a full-electric variant

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