Great Things You Can Get from Novo VW Fox 2020

For those who have a plan to buy a new car for your beloved small family, Novo vw fox 2020 is a good option. Before choosing this car as a primary option, it is better to know the detail of the car. By learning the detail, you know why you have to buy this car for your beloved small family.

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Novo VW Fox 2020 Release date

Novo VW Fox 2020 Release date


This car is considered as a family car due to the interior. You are about to drive a car with four seats and it is a suitable space for a small family. At the same time, the car is a sedan and it is compact enough, especially for those who only have limited space at home. It seems that you will have a small space for your leg but the manufacturer manages the interior well so all the passengers including the driver can sit comfortably even in a long distance journey.


The eye-catching part of Novo vw fox 2020 is the size. At a glance, you will see that the size of this car is a little bit taller than the normal size. This unique size attracts people who want to have a compact SUV in a modern style. The taller size is used to give a more spacious area inside the car so it is comfortable for a small family or at least 4 passengers.


As a compact car, this car is still a powerful car along with the use of 1.6 8V engine. This engine is able to produce up to 104 horsepower. It is offered in two versions which are a Novo vw fox with 5-speed manual transmission and automatic I-Motion.

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Novo VW Fox 2020 Interior

Novo VW Fox 2020 Interior


Novo VW Fox 2020 is not only designed with impressive appearance and technology but also outstanding performance. Based on its EPA-estimated gas mileage, the performance of this car is very impressive. It is concluded that the car has an energetic powertrain. It is also flexible enough in which you can use the car with your beloved small family or for those who want to drive it to the office. Due to the impressive performance, the manufacturer still cares about its safety and you are about to drive a car with a great performance and safety system.

Release Date and Price

For your information, this car is a long term project which will be continued up to 2021. This is because the car needs to be upgraded carefully to produce a new compact car in the future. So, how about the price of the car? Talking about the price, you can predict it based on the system applied. Let say, it is predicted that the cost of the car with a manual transmission version is around $49.990. On the other hand, the cost of the car with I-Motion exchange transmission is around $53.390. If you want to buy the extreme variant, it seems that you have to spend up to $54.990.

In the end, you have another option of a compact car. The interesting part is that Novo vw fox 2020 is also suitable for a small family or active professional. Indeed, Novo vw fox 2020 is an extraordinary compact car which can be a great option in the future.

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