Nissan Patrol Facelift 2020 Prediction for Its Performance

In 2020, Nissan already prepares a new SUV. There is news stating that the Japanese manufacturer is working on the new generation of Nissan Patrol. Of course, it is interesting to see Nissan Patrol Facelift 2020. It is one of the big SUV produced by the manufacturer, and surely some updates are expected.

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Nissan Patrol Facelift 2020 Price

Nissan Patrol Facelift 2020 Price

Exterior and Interior Look of Nissan Patrol

First part to see is about the appearance of Nissan Patrol Facelift 2020. It seems there will be some changes given to SUV. The predecessor gets some updates and some of them will be adapted to the Nissan Patrol 2020.

One of the clear parts to update is the grille. It is said that Nissan will provide larger and bigger grille for its front fascia. It seems that the design is also changed, so it will give fresher look. Then, the LED lighting gets updates, especially on the fog lamps. It still adapts the previous design, but there are some changes, especially in the chrome material around the lighting.

In term of interior, it will be more spacious. The SUV will provide three-rows seats for passengers and driver. These will be enough for 8 passengers inside the car. Then, space is also upgraded, so legs and heads get good comfort while riding the vehicle. The bigger space is also dedicated to bring more goods.

Of course, there is infotainment system that can be integrated to the Apple and Android device, so it is easier to enjoy the trip. Then, there are many updated safety features, such as Intelligence Cruise Control. There is also Distance Control Assist that will become additional point in the Nissan Patrol Facelift 2020.

Nissan Patrol Facelift 2020 Interior

Nissan Patrol Facelift 2020 Interior

Engine Performance

In addition to Nissan Patrol Facelift 2020, it is said that the car will get two engine options. For the base model, it will use 4.0L V6 engine. As the standard engine, it will be able to provide up to 275 horsepower. Then, the higher spec will use 5.6L V8 engine. The power difference is quite significant since it can provide up to 400 horsepower.

Moreover, there is also rumor about the hybrid engine in new Nissan Patrol. The rumors state it will use V6 engine with enhanced electric motors. When it is for real, of course it can be interesting engine to wait for. Moreover, trends of hybrid car are getting more popular right now.

Release Date and Price

After knowing the specs, some people will also ask about release date of the SUV. However, it seems Nissan will not launch it soon. It is because there is still no official news from the manufacturer. However, it is predicted the launching will be held in the end of 2019, so it will be available in the early 2020.

Regarding the price, it seems the car will not be above $60,000 for basic trim level. It is predicted the SL trim level will be sold in $53,000. Then, the Platinum trim may be priced around $60,000. It is reasonable price considering Nissan Patrol Facelift 2020 specs.

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