Nissan Murano 2020 Comes with Sporty Style and Advanced Technology

Nissan produced Murano since 2002 as crossover SUV. The latest model is a part of third generation that has been on market since 2015. For Nissan Murano 2020, new technology and features are added on order to boost car performance and capability. Furthermore, Nissan also updates exterior with sharp appearance and sporty look. Murano shares the same platform with other Nissan lineups that are not available in North America market. More about this car will be explored in the following sections.

Nissan Murano 2020 Model

Nissan Murano 2020 Model

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Design and features

Nissan Murano 2020 has sporty design with sharp front grille. Nissan changes old headlight with LED including automatic beam. When you need warning, the light shines automatically to prevent collision. It is part of safety measure and driving assist. In general, the car has mid-size platform with sporty touch and elegant accent.

Murano has technology called Nissan Intelligent Mobility to assist driver. It is integrated in Murano system to support driver. This technology consists of several features, such as automatic and emergency braking, cruise control, lane intervention, blind sport warning, forward collision warning, and traffic alert. Besides, the feature includes all view from entire surrounding through camera.

Nissan Murano 2020 Price

Nissan Murano 2020 Price

For interior, the car is enough for five people due to two-row seat. You can access internet while driving and connecting smartphone to Nissan system. Moreover, Nissan adds seatbelt and airbags for safety measures in each seat.

Engine and performance

For your information, Murano is available only in USA and small area in Canada. Nissan has different name and brand for the same segment to fulfil other markets. Murano is not available in Japan due to regulation restriction.

Next thing to explore is engine and performance. Nissan Murano 2020 is expected to be the same engine as recent model. Nissan does not change car engine much, but add few upgrades to adjust with recent technology. Murano uses 3.6-liter V6 engine with capability to produce 260 hp. Based on official information, the car consumes fuel one gallon for 20 miles and 28 miles in city and highway driving respectively. This is impressive record for mid-size SUV.

Nissan Murano 2020 Release date

Nissan Murano 2020 Release date

Even though Murano is not for fast driving, you can accelerate quickly. Handling is very reactive with all-wheel drive mode. All parts in car can do maneuvering easily and safely. Another engine is 2.5-liter inline-4. This variant is limited because engine is hybrid.

Release date and price

As it mentioned above, the car is already in market since 2002. You need to wait for 2020 model and it will be available in 2019. Check nearby Nissan dealer for further information. Well, the order for 2020 is available in mid or late 2019. Of course, 2020 model still has the same design and there is not much difference, except the production year.

The price depends on what trim level you choose. The car consists of S, SV, SL, and Platinum. The base model is S, and it has price at $31,700. For SV and SL model, you need to spend at least $34,500 and $39,330 respectively. The highest model is Platinum with price $43,630. That’s what you should know about Nissan Murano 2020.

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