New Toyota Wigo 2020 The Improvement from The Last Version 

Knowing as a low-cost green car (LCGC), Toyota always develops its vehicle periodically. Today New Toyota Wigo 2020 has launched to the market. For your information, Toyota Wigo is the same with Toyota Agya in Indonesia. But, the name is changed into “Wigo” to be more accepted in the Philippine’s market. Yes, this car is a Toyota Agya type in Philippine version.

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Within its launching, some people are wondering about the change for this hatchback car. However, Toyota is expected for some improvements in the features, interior and exterior design, performance, safety, and of course its comfort. Here are things that might be done on New Toyota Wigo 2020:

New Toyota Wigo 2020 Release date

New Toyota Wigo 2020 Release date

  1. Exterior Design

Let’s start from the exterior design. Wigo 2020 is still consistent to carry a hatchback for the back side. Following the current development, Toyota also brings LED lights in Wigo 2020. The front lighting looks reliable without any doubt to give a clear vision. Then, Wigo 2020 offers kinds of lighting, such as reddish, white and dim shade, also a highlight for the dark.

There is a 15-inch wheel placed to make it more interesting. The higher wheels make its body feels so extraordinary. It is attractive enough for the buyers based with a certain taste of city car.

New Toyota Wigo 2020 Price

New Toyota Wigo 2020 Price

  1. Interior and Cabin

New Toyota Wigo 2020 will be quite larger than the existing one. Compared to the current model, Wigo 2020 has a wider cabin space, especially at the back side. There is also available an adjustable armrest for the front passenger. Moving to its dashboard, Toyota put a flat touch screen on it.

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One of the screen functions is to arrange the entertainment. For example, connecting any device via Bluetooth to access the music. There is an AC panel above the screen. The automatic climate control is available too to help people face harsh weather outside. An added value for it is convenient to use.

  1. The Power

Compared to the last Toyota Wigo, a big difference is on the new VVT-powertrain. It is needed for the good development of Toyota vehicle. Because development is a listless one. The New Toyota Wigo 2020 ia able to make 68 PS of power and 88 Nm of torque on its engine. The power could increase up to 75 PS and 90 Nm of torque. This is impossible for the other vehicle. But, since Wigo 2020 has a compromising factor, then it becomes the winner.

New Toyota Wigo 2020 Review

New Toyota Wigo 2020 Review

  1. Safety Features

Regarding all new features applied, is Wigo 2020 equipped by complete safety? Looking back at the last version of Wigo, the safety features here are still the same. There is dual airbag placed on the driver side and the front passenger. For the kid’s safety, the child safety lock is set too. Those are just pieces of its safety features. While to keep the car secured, Toyota completes Wigo 2020 with an anti-theft system.

  1. Gas Consumption

As we discussed above, Wigo 2020 could be raised up to 75 PS and 90 Nm of torque. This could happen because of its extraordinary engine. More than that, it might not be done without sacrificing the fuel. But not with Wigo 2020, it saves the fuel well. The ride will be more comfortable and powertrain energic. It suits to be used for a family trip, office needs, or another occasion.

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Those are a brief detail about New Toyota Wigo 2020. As the consumer, it is normal hopping an improvement for the specs, fuel economy, safety, and other features. Knowing it is the development from the last version, Toyota keeps trying to provide a worthy car, including a hatchback city car.

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