New Toyota FJ Cruiser 2020 A Great Design Of Adventurous Car

If you are a fan of a jeep or a fierce designed car, this new Toyota fj cruiser 2020 maybe your next favorite. It provides a great design inside and fierce design outside. The power is so great and has smart fuel management. There is some further information about this awesome car.

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2020 Toyota FJ Cruiser News

2020 Toyota FJ Cruiser News

  1. Great Engine

This car has a great engine since people assumed to use it for offroad use. Maybe to drive through the little river or sand.

This car has a V-6 engine, with 4 liters which can make 260 horsepower. It so powerful and can accelerate fast. There are 5 options of velocity style. It can adjust to the driver’s need.

The transmission of this New Toyota fj cruiser 2020 is also very comfortable to the driver. So even its in a hard road they still can have fun with this car.

The engine also has smart fuel management. It’s not wasteful and plenty efficient. So don’t worry if you want to have an adventure through the long way which has not much gas station around.

Toyota fj cruiser 2020 Release date

Toyota fj cruiser 2020 Release date

  1. Fierce Design

The design of the car is like a lion. Front of the car is designed well, resemble the strongest car ever. The border of the windshield is thick and strong.

Then the headlamp is big and clear to see in the dark. This headlamp design, look like a lion’s eye which are big but still angled. Look so fierce and cool.

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Then the bumper is thick too. Strong enough, and the shape is only a simple thick line. Maybe people who like simple design will like it. But it’s not good for the grid line style fans, like the facelift style which is used in most of the new car design.

  1. Nice To Drive Off Road

The wheel is high enough, so it nice to use while driving in rough terrain. But even it’s designed for driving anywhere with rough terrain, this car is also comfortable to use in the highway.

The exterior design from the back side looks high enough. Because it uses a big wheel. It also makes the passengers more comfortable even driving above the rocks at the jungle. The suspension may better than another car.

  1. Spacious

It is also spacious inside. The material used is leather it’s a high-quality leather with an orange color. The playful color may be chosen to make the car more interesting and attractive at the road.

Even its use orange color, this car still stylish and not too much. The orange is beautiful and combined well with black and brown details.

The spacious feelings come from this color combination and the unique shape of the dashboard. The roof also high enough so don’t worry when the car is shaking.

Toyota fj cruiser 2020 Price

Toyota fj cruiser 2020 Price

  1. Unique Interior

The interior design of this car is unique. Dashboard not only offers a bunch of features but also an unusual style. From the steering wheel, it can see that this car does not use the usual T style in the inner frame.

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Yes it still in T frame, but the end of the right and the left side doesn’t stick to the wheel. This is a little detail but give uniqueness to the car.

Then all part of this car is designed to look playful and adventurous. Orange and grey color dominated the interior but it looks so cool.

This car maybe cost for about 40.000 US dollars. Is it worth? Yes maybe if you like a jeep style but want a more playful design.

This car is worth to buy. New Toyota FJ Cruiser 2020 offers more than just a strong car, but also a good design vehicle.

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