Could New Toyota Estima 2020 Be Better?

Among all Toyota products, estima is the steadiest one. No wonder, making new toyota estima 2020 launching a headlines won’t make people excited. Now that the car is on its way to the showrooms, Toyota claims that there will be noticeable changes.

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New Toyota Estima 2020 Release date

New Toyota Estima 2020 Release date

Performance, Engine, and Transmission

For those who just recently counting Toyota to their list, two years ago Estima had received major changes. It includes both performance and appearance. Therefore, many fans are pessimistic that there will be more upgrades on its engine.

2018 version has 190 horse power, powered by 2.4 liters of gas and strummed with 13 Kw motor. Roughly, one liter gas could be used to drive for roughly 9 km. This is one reason why Estima loved by its fans.

Thanks to Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) feature, drivers could experience smooth driving, worrying less about the speed options. There is another perk of this engine: it will work just fine in the next ten years.

Exterior, Interior, and Infotainment

Similar to the engine, many drivers do not expect something brand new from the upcoming models. The bidy stills depict how an MPV car should be. There is no change to the dimension. However, there is a little bit facelift effort for the front part.

Drivers might or might not love the upgraded headlights, bumper and grille. Compared to the other car parts, these are just minors, which won’t do spectacular impression. Some might even say that this model is a little bit outdated.

Tracing Estima development through years, a lot of reviewers predict that Toyota might give more color options. You will still get to see great sound proofing, strong air conditioner, nice sunroof and moonroof.

New Toyota Estima 2020

New Toyota Estima 2020

Safety and Driving Features

Again, Toyota hasn’t released anything official in regards of safety and driving features. Luckily, several trusted sources answer the question. Drivers will get upgraded steering wheel, now that it is able to do multifunction tasks.

Another surprise to check during new toyota estima 2020 test drive is its latest “Safety Sense”. In short, this is the advanced version of older set, which cover pedestrian detection, automatic control, lane keeping assistance, etc. News spreads that these features are enhanced and even have additional technical features.

Release Date and Price

Product launching date is strongly affected by the number of upgrades made to the product. As for Estima 2020 case, so far no sneak peek detects any wow features clipped into the car. Therefore, this car is expected to be shown in late 2019 instead of 2020.

New Toyota Estima 2020 Interior

New Toyota Estima 2020 Interior

As for the price, new Estima is still roaming around similar number. For basic version, drivers should have at least 25.000 dollars. If features upgrades could blow public’s mind, its price might hit 29.000 dollars at the maximum.

Later when new toyota estima 2020 is officially released to the market, it will mark Toyota reign for over 20 years in car industry. Even since Estima’s first release, this car has been public’s sweet heart, playing important role in being the face of Toyota. Thus, it is just natural to get thrilled with the latest Estima upgrades. Will it hits all the expectations?

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