The Advanced Technologies of New Toyota Estima 2020

Minivan is suitable car if you need more space for passengers and luggage. To fulfill this demand, Toyota produced Estima which is also known as Previa in 1990. New Toyota Estima 2020 will be part of third generation that received major facelift in 2016. More about this car will be explored in the following section.

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New Toyota Estima 2020

New Toyota Estima 2020

The Exterior and Interior Part

Estima has several names, such as Previa and Tarago. At first, Toyota only released it for Japan market. Today, the car is available worldwide, but still limited to certain countries. This car is called multipurpose vehicle or minivan.

From exterior side, it has long wheelbase with lean front side. Toyota adds several features on exterior, such as LED headlight and taillight. Both provide clear and safer lighting. In general, overall exterior side does not change much. New Toyota Estima 2020 will keep base design that already applied since 2016 facelift.

Significant updates can be seen in cabin. The car has capacity for seven passengers in three rows. Each seat has airbag and seatbelt for safety measures. The interior provides features like TFT display, smart entry, cruise control, easy handling, Toyota Telematics system, and integrated air conditioning. Those are the things you will get from interior side to feel comfortable while driving or just being passenger.

The Engine and Features

New Toyota Estima 2020 will use the same base engine as previous mode. You can have two options: petrol and hybrid. Petrol engine has capacity 2.4 liter and 7-speed transmission. Hybrid one is also in the same capacity, but has additional power source for more powertrain. Before 2016, Estima had engine with capacity 3.5 liter. Unfortunately, Toyota did not produce it anymore due to low demand and less efficiency.

Besides airbags, Toyota improves safety measures to make sure everyone is safe during collision or accident. The car uses anti-lock braking system. It is advanced technology to keep the car in check when driver hits the brake unintentionally. Another safety support is called vehicle stability control.

Release Date and More about New Toyota Estima

How much is this car? The price depends on several variables, but most of them are different from one country and others. Toyota puts the price for this car at $177,000. That’s quite expensive for minivan, but you will understand it. This is not just regular minivan, but luxury one. Toyota gives more than standard features, especially the cabin.

Estima is luxury minivan, but the size is smaller than Alphard or Velfire. For your information, both are minivans, but the size is categorized as the largest one in Toyota lineups. Estima is produced for Europe, North America, and Australia markets, while Alphard is only available in Asia. Due to smaller size, driver can maneuver easily in the road. This is what Toyota intends to do when producing this car.

From explanation above, now you know the specs and features that will be in New Toyota Estima 2020. The design does not change much but additional features are installed to enhance the capacity. The engine is better and you will get high fuel efficiency rate. Therefore, this is reliable car for daily transportation and comfort journey.

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