New Nissan Micra 2020 and Predicted Specs to Offer by this Affordable SUV

SUV still becomes favorite type of cars, and it seems the trend will continue in 2020. That’s why there are some SUVs to release in 2020, and new Nissan Micra 2020 is one of them. It can be one of the promising cars from Nissan in upcoming year. It is said there will be some new things to offer in this generation. Of course, it is interesting to know what to offer by this new SUV.

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New Nissan Micra 2020 Review

New Nissan Micra 2020 Review

Interior and Exterior

Actually, things are still about rumors. It is because the car is still in manufacturing and developing process. Even, some news is still limited. However, there have been predictions regarding the SUV, and it is interesting to see what may come next year.

So far, it is predicted the appearance of new Nissan Micra 2020 will be upgraded. Exterior part will get some updated and refreshed look. One of the interesting points is about the grille and front fascia. The grille is made bolder to show the character of this car. It is supported by the headlight that really makes the face look attractive.

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For interior, it seems bright and cheerful color will be applied by manufacturer. It is to give better sensation and vibe inside the cabin. Then, the new material may be applied for the cabin in order to give the luxurious and comfortable look. In term of technologies, there are still no specific details. Of course, it is expected that it may bring improved technologies for entertainment and safety system.

New Nissan Micra 2020 Interior

New Nissan Micra 2020 Interior

Engine and Performance

For engine and performance, it is quite hard to predict what the car may bring. Well, there may be some options of engine, yet there is no clear information from the manufacturer. However, the engine will not surpass 200 horsepower since the SUV is dedicated for budget class.

In addition, new Nissan Micra 2020 will have turbocharged engine. It will use 9-liter engine. It will also get the electrical model. This kind of powertrain may provide up to 90 horsepower. Then, the next engine may be 1.6 liter engine. It is a 16V flexfuel option from Nissan. It is said that it may provide up to 110 horsepower.

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Those are some predictions regarding the car. Even, there are also some sources saying the car will get diesel engine. These are still rumors, so people still have to wait for the official announcement or release from manufacturer.

Release Date and Price

In its release date, the specs and other details will be revealed. Unfortunately, there is still no clear clue about the release of Nissan Micra 2020. People keep asking and yet the manufacturer chooses to keep the detail as a secret. However, it is predicted that it may be launched in the beginning of 2020.

In term or price, it is also still unclear. Based on the specs, it will be dedicated for budget level. With its category, it may be sold around $13,000 up to $15,000. Of course, the price and details of new Nissan Micra 2020 still need the confirmation from Nissan.

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