New Kia Grand Carnival 2020: A Potential Competitor of The Year

Before news about new kia grand carnival 2020 was published, kia mini caravan, the previous model, got a lot positive reviews. No wonder, people have high expectation to the latest version of Kia Sedona. What kind of updates will be presented?

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Performance, Engine, and Transmission

New Kia Grand Carnival 2020

New Kia Grand Carnival 2020

Kia is really serious on this upgrade project. Old kia carnival had V6 gasoline engine. Grand kia will also take this engine, but there are two instead of one. Considering its big frame, the four cylinder turbo diesel and V6 engine are paired with eight-speed automatic transmission. Later on, you don’t have to get cramps after long drive. Let engine does the works for you.

To make perfect combination, Kia also works on gasoline consumption. Latest news stated that it will be 280 hp for 343 Nm. As for maximum torque, grand carnival could hit 1750 – 2750 RPM. However, there might be some new change before the final release.

Exterior, Interior, and Infotainment

Kia Grand Carnival 2020 Release date

Kia Grand Carnival 2020 Release date

First thing Kia loyal customers will notice from new kia grand carnival 2020 is the front part style. Headlights are now equipped with LED daytime running lights. Compared to the previous model, the air intake is enlarged and lights are lined up to different decorative pattern. Note also that the flashradiator grille still uses old model.

Peeking into the interior, driver would be satisfied with the tranquil design. Seating for passengers are made using soft toned upholstery fabric and could accommodate high level of comfort.

Driver seat is another comfy control area. Sitting on it, driver would enjoy clear view of the road. Steering wheel has heating control and the board has wireless charging port.

Safety and Driving Features

New kia grand carnival 2020 Interior

New kia grand carnival 2020 Interior

Parking won’t be as intimidating as it used to be. This new product includes electronic parking brake, which adds convenience driving experience. Thanks to car lane keeping system, driver will reduce the chance of taking stray path.

Other features you will love are frontal protection and blind spot detection system. Both rely on laser energy to locate closest item and send warning to drivers. Aside from these enhanced features, all of the safety items could be found in earlier version.

Release Date and Price

There is no specific date mentioned by official representatives from Kia. However, many people make speculations that the upgraded car will be stocked during summer season. If this prediction hits the target, then the other competitors such as Toyota and Datsun must keep an eye on Kia.

For the price, India has the insight. In India, expected price would be around 22 lakh Indian Rupee or around 30.000 USD. However, another source mentioned that the price might raise even higher, around 43.000 USD per unit.

Which one is the real price? No one really knows, until the day Kia releases official statement.

Releasing new kia grand carnival 2020 earlier put Kia as worthy competitor. With all the upgrades that enhanced both engine performance and top notch interior design. Soft selling has started in South Korea and India. Should you also jump into the waiting queue?

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