A Sneak Peek of New Kia Ceed 2020

Another SUV car from Kia is already on the list. The New Kia Ceed 2020 is waited by the automotive lovers since the prototype has already tested on the street. Let’s take a sneak peek of this car before it is really launched next year.

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New Kia ceed 2020 Crossover

New Kia ceed 2020 Crossover

Performance, Engine, and Transmission

The most noticeable change is the suspension of the car. It seems that Kia wants to give the experience of crossover to the driver so the new Ceed gets the suspension raised.

For the engine, well, do not get your hope raised higher for this model. Since Ceed is not the main attraction from Kia, the engine may be just in the standard level such as 1.0-litre and 1.4 litre turbocharged gasoline, also the 1.6-litre diesel.

This engine will be paired with seven-speed, dual clutch automatic and six-speed manual, it is just up to you which one you want to choose. If you imagine the more awesome engine, you will definitely find it in the Sportage series.

New Kia ceed 2020 Crossover Release date

New Kia ceed 2020 Crossover Release date

Exterior, Interior, and Infotainment

In the many spy photos, we can see that Kia is hiding its gem right now by using generous camouflage in many parts of the car while it is tested. It is said that this New Kia ceed 2020 will fill the gap between Kia Sportage and Stonic, so you can imagine a big enough SUV. Just cross your finger and hope that this new SUV will be more than regular SUV with the addition of plastic body.

The interior of former Ceed is similar to Kia stonic, but with this new crossover-like model, Kia maybe considers something different. One is sure that the new Ceed will upgrade the quality of the interior since the current Ceed’s interior is not favored.

Safety and Driving Features

There are not much information regarding this car’s safety and driving features. However, it is believed that Kia will install their latest technology in this car to guarantee safety. It is also said that Kia may also prioritize the comfort and the ease of driving so let’s hope there will be some driving features to support it.

New Kia ceed 2020 Crossover Price

New Kia ceed 2020 Crossover Price

Release Date and Price

This new Ceed is rumored to be revealed soon this year in one of Europe motor show. It is still a rumor, but if it is true then the car will be launched soon in Europe market, at least at the end of the year. Let’s wait for the reveal of this car soon!

As Ceed may fill the gap between Sportage and Stonic, the price range may be in between those cars too. In Europe, this car may be in the range of 15,500 euro up to 25,000 euro. The competitive price may be the strength of this new model to beat its competitor.

You could say that this car may be a mix between Kia Sportage and Stonic, but New Kia ceed 2020 has its own class and fans. Just need to wait maybe a few more months to get the further look and information about this car.

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