Speculation of Mitsubishi Endeavor 2020 and Predicted Specs of This Model

Endeavor becomes one of the mid-size SUVs from Mitsubishi. However, production for this model stopped in 2011-2012. Then, the model gets its successor in Outlander. Related to the Endeavor, there are rumors about the Mitsubishi Endeavor 2020 and it is interesting to see the predictions.

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Mitsubishi Endeavor 2020

Mitsubishi Endeavor 2020

Appearance of Mitsubishi Endeavor 2020

In term of appearance, it seems that the new Mitsubishi Endeavor 2020 will adopt the design of latest Outlander. Moreover, last generation of Endeavor also had similar appearance. In this case, its front fascia will get the main attention in term of design. Its grille is not made big; there are spaces for the headlight and bolder bumper.

In term of body, it takes the size of Outlander with some adaptations. Some aspects are enhanced in order to give fresher look and better aerodynamic. On the rear part, its tailgate and the LED give simple look. This does not apply complicated design and it is good point for the design.

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In term of interior, Mitsubishi Endeavor 2020 may have three rows of seats. These will give enough space for at least 7 passengers in the cabin. Then, there will be touch-screen display as the main access for the infotainment and navigation system. Of course, it should have keyless ignition as what are found in the latest generations of cars. In order to give comfort, leather upholstery is expected to be available and there will be some accesses to integrate the mobile devices into the car. However, the leather may only be found in the high trims.

Engine Performance

Under the hood, the last generation of Endeavor got 3.8L V6 engine. Yet, this did not give impressive powertrain at that time. For the new Mitsubishi Endeavor 2020, it seems that there will be some engine models. For the base engine, it may have 2.4L engine that can provide up to 166 horsepower. It will use the inline-4 engine.

Then, higher performance is offered by 3.0L V6 engine. This is able to give bigger power output up to 224 horsepower. This also gets automatic transmission in 6 speeds. Based on these two engines, these are not kinds of best engine for the mid-size SUV, yet these are more than enough to give power for running on various roads.

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Release Date and Price

When it talks about the new generation of Endeavor’s release date, there is still limited information. Even, it is still rumors and the info of new Mitsubishi Outlander gets more attention. Even, some specs are already revealed for the new Outlander. It means that the info about new Endeavor still needs more time to get the confirmation. Moreover, the manufacturer already stopped the production some years ago.

When the car is continued, it seems that the news will be announced in the end of 2019. It is because there is still no clue up to now. Those specs are also still speculations. However, when those are for real, it seems that the Mitsubishi Endeavor 2020 will be priced around $27,000 for its base model and the highest trim may be above $40,000.

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