Mercedes GLS 2020 Release Date, Design, and Technical Specs

Mercedes is known as company that produces luxury cars. Most of them are sedan, ranging from mid-size to the full-size category. On the other hand, the company also sees potential in SUV market. Customers want SUV with luxury feature and powerful engine. This is starting point for GL Series, and the GLS model is full-size SUV in Mercedes lineup. To know more about Mercedes GLS 2020 release date, next section will explore several aspects, such as exterior, interior, engine, price, and release date.

Mercedes GLS 2020 Price

Mercedes GLS 2020 Price

Exterior and Interior Designs

This car has sporty and strong presence. The exterior is luxury without losing the elegant and sport touch. Mercedes adds several refinements for new model, especially the sleek headlight. Since the second generation, the updates are common for features, but the major exterior still looks similar. However, new model will be the third generation released in 2020 with longer wheelbase.

As full-size SUV, the interior uses three-row seat mode. The first seat is full of panels and electric controls. At front dashboard, you will see COMMAND system integrated to 8-inch display. All apps are installed and the driver can use mobile phone to synchronize.

The second row is capable to be folded to get spacious entry. If you need more spaces, the third and second rows are reliable to bed adjusted. After that, you have enough space for many things. Additional entertainment features are also available for passengers in second row, such as display at head back of front seat. Those are the features you will know when Mercedes GLS 2020 release date comes.

Mercedes GLS 2020 Release Date

Mercedes GLS 2020 Release Date

Engine and Powertrain

Mercedes GLS is flagship model that’s similar to S-Class. The company puts much effort to deliver the ultimate engine capability. This car is available in three options. First engine is 3.0 liter V6 Biturbo. It is the lowest capacity with powertrain of approximately 362 horsepower. You can accelerate to reach 60 mph in 6.2 seconds.

The second engine has capacity 4.7 liter V8 Biturbo. The base engine is similar to previous one but with bigger capacity and advanced engineering system. This model is capable to produce more than 440 horsepower. The acceleration is approximately 5.2 second.

The biggest and most powerful engine is 5.5 liter AMG V8 Biturbo. It is the engine that you will see in AMG series. The car is suitable for people who want acceleration and powerful driving. The powertrain is 577 horsepower, and the acceleration time is 4.2 second. You will know further about the engine and full specs during Mercedes GLS 2020 release date.


Mercedes GLS 2020 Interior

Mercedes GLS 2020 Interior

Release Date and Price

When new GLS is released? The recent model is still a part of second generation. Mercedes already introduces what GLS looks like in several exhibitions. You can expect the production as soon as possible. In fact, the order is available few months before the end of 2019.

How much is this car? The price determines luxury vehicle at the top list. In order to bring GLS home, you need at least $70,000 for GLS 450 4Matic with 3.0L engine. The price for 4.7L model is at least $96,800 and you need to pay more than $126,000 for AMG GLS 63. The latter has 5.5L AMG V8 engine. After Mercedes GLS 2020 release date, you will know the detail of pricelist.

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