Mercedes C180 Coupe 2020 Will Have Luxurious Nuance

Mercedes has created many good cars. One of them is the C180 Coupe series. Lately, we have found some information and even a photo of the new models in this series. It’s called mercedes c180 coupe 2020. Many Mercedes fans are expecting this new series happily. They believe that this new model will have a much better design and improvement in its performance. Is that true? Let’s take a look.

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Mercedes c180 coupe 2020 Release date

Mercedes c180 coupe 2020 Release date

The Design

The 2020 C180 Coupe design can be described with one word. It’s luxurious. We can see that Mercedes has successfully created a very captivating design for this new car. The beautiful cut on every section of the car. Moreover, the nice accent on both side which give it a “muscle” that make it has a nice sporty vibe. Overall, these new models are the perfect embodiment of the luxurious that the C-series has since its earlier model.

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Some of the important parts are the black color theme and the 18 inches gold tires. It makes it looks really shine in the dark when you ride it at night. Then, the grille is also designed with the Mercedes logo trademark. But, for this one, they also added a nice extra headlight made of LED light for illuminating the road in front of you.

Mercedes c180 coupe 2020 price

Mercedes c180 coupe 2020 price

Features, Specification, and Performance

The interior design has a really strong luxury scent. The wood panels on the dashboard, the big display screen (8.4 inches) that show your car condition as well as the button to operate the features in it, are some of the greatness we can see inside the new C180 Coupe.

The stereo system is also quite satisfying. The design inside this car boosts the sound the stereo system produced. Moreover, the Burmester stereo system in it gives it much better sound quality. This system also has Command On-line features, which allow you to control and use it easily. Then, the infotainment features also have Wi-Fi which helps you to get connected even though you drive around with this car.

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Under the hood, this car uses powerful turbocharged 2.1 liters 4 cylinder engine. We can say that it is much better than the V8 engine that most of the car use. Yes, the V8 maybe produce more horsepower. But, for stable performance, the engine Mercedes has picked for C180 is the best choice. Moreover, if it later has changeable driving mode, this engine can give you better performance.

Mercedes c180 coupe 2020 review

Mercedes c180 coupe 2020 review

Price and Release Date

As for the price, we can compare the 2020 C180 Coupe with other C-Class Coupe prices, which usually start from $40,000. The entry level of C-Class, the C300 four doors, is priced around $43,500. The C300 with 4MATIC features even has $45,500.

But, if we look at the design and specification of 2020 C180 Coupe which is much better than C300, we can expect that the price for this new car is close to AMG C63, which around $75,000. And for the release date, we can expect that mercedes c180 coupe 2020 will be available on the market in early spring next year.

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