Mazda Demio 2020 Special Details and Price

More and more industries are concerning about emission and environmentally friendly products including the automobile industry. Mazda is one of the brands which concern about the environment by creating an electric car by 2020. Soon, Mazda lovers are able to drive its latest car known as Mazda Demio 2020. You can check the detail of this electric car below.

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Mazda demio 2020

Mazda demio 2020


The special part of this car is on the total improvement. Mazda is creating a 100% electric for a more environmentally friendly vehicle. To boost the power, the car is using a diesel engine similar to the CX-5 SUV engine. This engine is used with a specific reason in which Mazda has to pass the CO2 emission standard in Europe. By using this engine, this latest car is able to reach 95gm/km by 2021 and ready to drive in Europe. To achieve the goal to create a 100% electric car, Mazda is not only using a diesel but also an electric battery. It is also an effort to achieve a goal to introduce a Battery Electric Vehicle or BEV in the European market by 2020. By using diesel and electric battery it is predicted that the engine is able to produce up to 100 horsepower, 138Nm torque, and 81Kw motor.

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Another interesting part of Mazda Demio 2020 is the use of SkyActiv-X technology. It is the latest technology which used to support the engine. It is claimed that Skyactiv-X is able to control CO2 less than 100g/km. This technology is also suitable for SUVs and large sedans.

The Interior and Exterior

It is predicted that the interior will be impressive than the previous versions. The interior looks simple and elegant. Moreover, the main focus of the interior is the technology and system to drive the car comfortably and safely. At the same time, the car is designed along with a stylish and strong body. It is even stronger than the previous versions. The significant improvement is on the wheel, front door, air conditioning system, and a touchscreen system. Despite the durable interior and exterior, Mazda is using lightweight aluminum.

Release Date and Price

Indeed, Mazda lovers are curious about Mazda Demio 2020. Unfortunately, there is no clear information yet about the release date. One thing for sure that Mazda is still working to complete this 100% electric car. Mazda Demio 2020 was introduced for the first time in 2018. Besides curious about the release date, people are also curious about the price of the car. Just imagine that you are about to drive an electric car with the latest technology. Based on its detail, it is predicted that Mazda Demio 2020 will be offered around $15.000. The price is worth it enough due to the detail offered to the drivers.

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The point is that Mazda is trying to create a revolutionary vehicle. Mazda Demio 2020 can be a pioneer in the electric car industry. In the end, the car might become a trend in the future because it is not only offering a comfortable and safe car but also an environmentally friendly vehicle. Indeed, Mazda Demio 2020 is something that people need in the future.

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