Exterior and Interior Design Of Mazda Cx 9 New Model 2020

Mazda has produced some SUV that has an outstanding design. Mazda CX 9 new model 2020 would be more awesome than the latest CX 9 they have. Here are the specification and interesting feature of those model.

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Mazda CX 9 new model 2020

Mazda CX 9 new model 2020

Exterior Design

The latest CX 9 is designed well with simplicity. Not many things can see in the exterior design.

Main Design Concept

This car has the perfect size of SUV with 3-row seat. Not too big or too small. Mazda said that the exterior design is called Kodo and it’s a signature design that they have.

Maybe this design is very identical to Mazda’s image. This is original and unique. The next model may have this design too, but with more improvement, so the look may have a more modern feel.

LED Headlamp

Besides looking at the whole car, people may look at the headlamp. The lamp is used LED so the driver can see clearly in the dark road.

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The shape of the headlamp is simple just like an eye. Between the lamp, there is a bumper which the design is very “normal” there is nothing special with it. Maybe the next model will improve this point so the Mazda Cx 9 new model 2020 would more unique and pretty.

The back lamp also uses this design too. Right and left back lamp is connected by a chrome line which makes this car looks elegant.


The latest Cx 9 using the 20-inch wheel. This is high enough and makes the passenger or driver has a great experience of driving. They can feel a comfortable trip with this perfect sized wheel and a stylish chrome inside the wheel

Mazda CX 9 new model 2020 redesign

Mazda CX 9 new model 2020 redesign

Interior Design

Still, with the simple concept, the interior design of the latest Cx 9 is good. This interior does not use much ornament. This is the review.


The dashboard uses plain coated leather and a chrome accent from the left corner side to the LCD panel. Then, the steering wheel has a black elegant color. In the center of thee steering wheel, you can see some button to control car entertainment.

Comfy Seat And Roof

Further, the seat is coated with leather. So when you sit on it, you will feel so comfortable. It also has a perfectly designed cushion that makes you don’t feel backache.

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There are no special things about the roof, but it is high enough so it will fit someone who is tall. The car is really consistent with the simple design.

If you like a simple and minimalist style, this car may satisfy you. Not many details but they are still so comfortable and aesthetic. The Mazda Cx 9 new model 2020 may use this simplicity too.

But it would be better if the next model adds some high technology feature. This car actually uses great audio and a sophisticated user interface in the LCD panel.

Mazda claimed to give an easier life with this car. All aspect about interior and exterior design resemble this claim so well.

Without any complicated detail, this car gives a comfy and easy feeling while driving in it. Mazda Cx 9 new model 2020 has a big challenge to do the improvement.

This car already brings a nice point, but people will expect more than this. So Mazda must try harder to make people’s expectation become real in the next model.

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