Mazda Biante 2020 and Some Early Prediction of New Biante

In this year, there is discussion about the new generation of Mazda Biante. It seems that there are some expectations of new Mazda Biante 2020 to release. It can be interesting to have new Biante. However, it seems that it is too soon to wait for the release. Moreover, the current 2019 Mazda Biante still can be found in market.

Mazda Biante 2020 Price

Mazda Biante 2020 Price

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Exterior and Interior

So far, Mazda still gives no clue and information about the 2020 version of Mazda Biante. Even, there are still limited rumors discussing the specifications and details of the car. However, it is predicted that the new generation will only get small updates and enhancement from the 2019 version. Moreover, the 2019 already got quite drastic changes compared to the predecessors.

For the exterior, it seems there will not be big changes. When it is to upgrade, maybe the headlight will get renewed and it will have better design for the front fascia. For the interior, its large dashboard will be kept, together with the nice details of the speedometer and the other indicators. The dashboard will be made clean. Then, it is expected that sunroof will be found in this car.

Mazda Biante Minivan

Mazda Biante Minivan

In term of additional features for infotainment, Mazda Biante 2020 does not get massive changes. However, cabin will be more comfortable with better space management for legs and heads. The upholstery is also expected to get some upgrades, so there can be comfy seats.

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Engine Performance

So far, the Mazda Biante 2020 will have two engine options as found in the predecessors. When some people expect the hybrid engine, it seems that Biante will not have this engine. Even if it is something to happen, it will not come in this 2020 version.

For the base engine, Biante will get 2.0liter 4-inline engine. It is able to generate up to 155 horsepower. For the stronger performance, the car will get 2.5 liter engine and it stills uses the same engine. By using this bigger capacity, the engine will be able to provide up to 184 horsepower. The technology of Skyactiv will be enhanced since this is proven effective to boost the powertain of the vehicle.

So far, the big changes are not found in the sector of performance. Under the hood, Mazda Biante 2020 still uses the similar specs of engine, although now it has bigger output and better fuel economy.

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Release Date and Price

It is one of the hardest parts to discuss. Even, it may be too early to predict the new generation of Mazda Biante. The 2019 version was released some months ago. Of course, this Japanese manufacturer needs more time to prepare the updates. That is why it is also hard to find the predictions of its specs and details.

So far, the new Biante may be announced in the end of 2019 when Mazda really prepares the new generation. Then, it will be available in dealers in the first quarter of 2020. This gives time both for manufacturer and the customers to wait and see the realization.

In term of price, it seems the base model will not be sold more than $20,000. The price does not have significant differences from the 2019 Biante due to limited updates and there is still lack of information. Of course, all of these rumors and uncertainty will be clear once Mazda announces the Mazda Biante 2020.

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