Lexus NX 2020 Model with New Tech and Elegant Design

Lexus has several crossover SUVs, such as NX and RX. If you want compact vehicle, NX is the best choice. The car was introduced in 2014. New Lexus NX 2020 Model still has some olds design with few refinements. The engine consists of standard fuel and hybrid. More about this car will be explored in the following section.

Lexus NX 2020 Model

Lexus NX 2020 Model

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Design and Features

This car uses compact wheelbase as platform. At first glance, the size is not quite bigger, but NX has higher clearance. You can maneuver easily in city or suburban area without much hassle. The design combines sporty, elegant, dynamic, and simplicity touch. The front grille uses iconic Lexus style alongside its emblem. Besides, Lexus also add sharp LED headlights. The rear side is much lean with flat roof.

Lexus NX 2020 Model has spacious cabin, and the seat is two-row. It is enough for up to five people including driver. Furthermore, the driver seat looks luxury with refinement design. The dashboard has several features and control, particularly the display. You can synchronize the car into your smartphone.

Lexus NX 2020 Interior

Lexus NX 2020 Interior

Lexus provides several safety measures in this car. Seat belt and airbags are ready to ensure everyone is in safe mode. Other measures are blind spot monitoring, cruise control, lane departure warning, backup camera, and tire pressure control. Moreover, the support features include remote touch and voice command. Drivers can give command directly with their voice. This is advanced technology that you get in NX 300.

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Engine and Performance

The base engine is 2.0 liter that’s capable to deliver more than 170 hp. That’s enough to make sure you drive properly. The car might not be for fast driving, but NX has good acceleration record. Based on official information, you can drive Lexus NX 2020 Model to reach 100 km per hour in 7.2 seconds. If you want more powerful engine, 2.5 liter is available in NX 300h model. You may choose between FWD and AWD.

Besides gasoline, another engine uses hybrid system. Nowadays, hybrid engine becomes promising model in order to reduce fuel consumption. The car has battery and regular fuel engine. Both work simultaneously based on which drive mode you choose.

Lexus NX 2020 Price

Lexus NX 2020 Price

Variant and Price

The price depends on which variant you choose. The base model is called NX 300 and has starting price at $36,720. For NX F Sport, you need money at least $39,000. Another variant is NX 300 Luxury. It has the same base model as regular NX 300 but with more luxury feature at cabin. The price is approximately $44,000. As alternative, you may consider NX 300h that uses more powerful engine with the price at $39,000. Additional NX 300h Luxury will cost more than $45,000. Those prices are for FWD and you should pay more for AWD option.

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As it mentioned above, Lexus NX is already on market. This mode is relatively new compared to other existing crossover SUV. However, Lexus puts much effort to deliver the best car at all. You may visit the nearby dealer to find which variant you like. That’s what you should know about Lexus NX 2020 Model.

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