KTM 500 2020, the Affordable 500cc Enduro You Need

Do you enjoy exploring difficult trail with a motorbike? Off road motor sport is very fun but as a matter of fact, the vehicle option is quite limited if you do not have big budget. 500 cc motorbike is perhaps the best option since it is powerful enough but not too expensive. If you are looking for such bike, read the following passage about KTM 500 2020 model!

Engine Specs for the New Model of KTM 500

The engine utilized in previous 500 models is a single cylinder engine with four strokes. Its engine’s displacement is 510.4 cc. This series is known as one of the most powerful bike within Enduro class. It is equipped with fuel injection. Overall, the bike’s engine is quite compact and lightweight if compared to others.

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The KTM 500 2020 model is going to make a breakthrough in engine aspect. The CEO had announced that this automaker plans to make two-cylinder engine in its 500 cc lineup. It is likely that the new engine will be applied in 500 series. The additional cylinder is improving the performance.

Two-cylinder engine will be able to attain higher RPM. It means that the engine is capable of producing higher power output. In addition to that it can reduce the peak torque significantly. It is predicted that 6-speed transmission is still going to be maintained in this model.

The Exterior of New Model

People adore this motorbike for its comfort and ergonomic value. It has seat options for people who are above 180 cm tall and 190 cm tall. Its body is very compact. Because of that, rider will be able to ride comfortably and has better overall body grip around the bike. The seat cover is specifically manufactured to provide cushion for the rider during long rigorous ride.

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Its handle bar is also designed so that rider can have precise control on the riding. It is still unclear whether the fuel tank of KTM 500 2020 will be changed from the previous model’s 8.5 liters capacity. Such change will be able to make the body slimmer and lighter.

Release Date of 2020 KTM 500

It is rumored that KTM 500 2020 will be manufactured by an Indian company. Based on rumors from fans and experts’ predictions, the new model will be released in 2020. The release date has not been specified yet. Nonetheless, it might be introduced during various auto shows in 2019.

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