Jaguar I Pace 2020 Model with the Best and Most Advanced Technology

Electric car becomes prominent segment in car market. Many companies introduce their new models with advanced features. One of the best cars is Jaguar I Pace 2020 Model. Jaguar announced this car in 2017, and ready for customers in 2018. For that reason, 2020 model will be available at end of 2019.

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Jaguar I Pace 2020 Model

Jaguar I Pace 2020 Model

Design and development

At first, the car was dedicated as spot vehicle. Designer intends to combine luxury car, electrical capability, and fancy design in one product. As the result, Pace is released as a part of jaguar lineups. This model is generally as crossover SUV, although the design looks like hatchback and sedan.

Jaguar I Pace 2020 Model changes perception regarding electric vehicle. This model is the first car from Jaguar in electric segment. However, Jaguar does not hold back regarding the design and feature. Mostly, you will see the dull design. That’s not what you see from this car. Cutting edge design with aerodynamic style makes sure the Pace stands out much to attract attention. Furthermore, Jaguar puts extra trim on rear side to look sportier.

Jaguar I Pace 2020 Interior

Jaguar I Pace 2020 Interior

Technical spec and features

The most common question after seeing the design is what kind of engine in this car. Electric vehicle uses different engine configuration. It is not hybrid that relies on fuel and electrical motor. On contrary, the car uses full battery with capacity 90kwh. The powertrain is between 350 hp and 360 hp. That’s basic capability for Jaguar I Pace 2020 Model.

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This car is not just regular vehicle for daily driving. As it mentioned above, the development focuses on luxury and sporty design in electric vehicle. As the result, those batteries are capable to deliver utmost performance. You can obtain EPA rating at 324 miles. That’s impressive record compared to other car in the same segment. With that capability, you do not need to recharge battery due to longer sustainability. The next feature is acceleration that can reach 100 km per hour in less than 5 seconds. This record is enough to show what this car can do.

As high tech vehicle, all features use digital platform and system. Driver can check the car condition and panel from touchscreen at display in front dashboard. All indicators are showed with bright LED light. Driver and passenger can connect to internet and synchronize their smartphone to the car system. For safety system, the car uses several sensors and camera to check all area at surrounding. This is the most advanced feature in this vehicle.

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Release date and price

The first edition was ready for customers in 2018. If you want 2020 model, just contact nearby dealer immediately. This car is limited production and you might obtain it immediately when ordering directly. However, you must wait until the car is ready. That’s why you should place your order as soon as possible. The first order will receive early.

How much is Jaguar I Pace 2020 Model? The price is crucial for electric vehicle. Technology and features make the price becomes higher than normal car. To obtain this car, you need to spend at least $70,000. This base price goes higher for advanced option based on trim level.

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