Houston Auto Accident Attorney: The Crucial Things to Do after the Accident

Do you know that the professional and reliable service of Houston auto accident attorney is quite popular and needed in the area? After all, it happens for a reason. You see, Houston is a big city – you can easily fit Boston, New York, and San Francisco in the city limit of Houston – if you think of it, the city is even bigger than the state of Maryland so it is quite logical if the traffic is quite busy and crowded.

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Houston Auto Accident Attorney

Houston Auto Accident Attorney

The Common Setting

If you aren’t familiar with the situation and the setting, driving in that city can be confusing and pretty maddening; let alone because the highways are the fourth biggest one in America – not to mention that some of them have different names – depending on who you are asking. Some people may call it 59 North while some are calling it North Freeway. Some may call it the Interstate 10 West while the others call it the Katy Freeway. As you see, it can be confusing – downright to the point of misleading.

With the total people of reaching 2.145 million using the traffic and the street, it is quite understandable and logical to see car incidents and accidents happening here and there. What would you have to do when you are involved in the incident? It doesn’t hurt to know some of the basic laws and regulations in Houston. Sure, you can always ask the Houston auto accident attorney but knowing some of the basics can help.

The First Things to Do

No matter how small or minor the accident is – from a simple fender bender or a slight scratch in between cars – you should always stop moving and pull over. It is important that drivers should stop and stay within the accident scene. It may be easy to do when there are no casualties or victims but it may be hard to do if it is a pretty serious one. If you already have a contact number of the Houston auto accident attorney, calling them right away so they can be present at the scene will be super. Not only they can help you with the arrangement, they can also provide you with assistance and further help.

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So, in the event of any incident happening to you, here are the things you should do (and your Houston auto accident attorney will advise you):

  • If you can, pull over. If not, leave it be.
  • Call 911. This is especially crucial when there are victims involved but it depends on the severity of the case. If you are only dealing with minor scratch or fender bender, you may not need to call it, anyway.
  • Call the police. Contact them right away – no matter how minor or big the incident is – and have them present at the scene. The police’s job is to take notes and file a report of what’s happening so be sure that they should come to the site.
  • However, you should also be wise about the whole situation because not all kinds of incidents will require the presence of the police officer. For instance, if it is only a matter of a slight bump, and you can talk it out to the person responsible, exchange information (especially the part where he/she promises to replace and pay for the damage), and make promise to fix things right, you won’t need any police officer. You can handle it your own.

In the event that you are present – but you aren’t involved in the accident – you can always offer some help. According to the Houston law, offering help (transporting to the hospital or doctor, calling the ambulance, etc) can be done by anyone. If you want to be the good Samaritan, feel free to do so but make sure that you do it properly and correctly. Never ever move any injured victims or the dead ones. Yes, it sound harsh and cruel but they need to be in the position until help arrives. The best thing you can do is to provide consolation and support.

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If you are involved in the incident, you can always do these things:

  • Exchange your info (name and address) with the other drivers – if both of you have copies of ID or driving license, that would be great.
  • Exchange the registration numbers of the vehicle you are driving
  • Give information of the insurance name
  • Your driver’s license copy. It is not wise, though, to hand out your driving license to other people besides the police. Feel free to do it with the copies but not with the real thing – unless the police officer asks you to give the real driving license of yours.
  • Call your Houston auto accident attorney, especially when you need help and assistance. Even by having them present at your accident site can provide a big relief and peace of mind. But what if you don’t have any professional legal presentation by your side? Don’t worry, you can always call someone you trust and ask for their help to be around you.

The Important Things

It is a must that you call the police if the accident involves injuries or even death. If the damage is pretty extensive – it is more than $1000, in general – or when you notice that the responsible driver is especially under the influence. Even if it isn’t serious but it has a lot of damage and the other driver doesn’t have any insurance, you should call the police. If the responsible driver has a suspicious act and tries to leave the site, you should get a hold of him/her and contact the police right away. After calling the police, call your insurance company. And then, call someone else you trust. Often times, these other person you trust may send you ‘backup’ by being there or sending their attorneys to accompany you. Of course, it is always nice to have your own Houston auto accident attorney but having a professional legal representative with the knowledge and the familiarity of the event can really help you – big time.

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