Honda Prelude 2020, Reviving the Infamous Sporty Sedan

In the past, Honda used to a 2-door sporty coupe series named Prelude. The series was produced until 2001 much to fans’ dismays. However, it seems like Honda is trying to revive this series by the release of Honda Prelude 2020 model. Let’s see how the new Prelude is going to go against modern sport cars in the market.

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Honda Prelude 2020

Honda Prelude 2020

Engine Specs

To be able to compete with other cars in its class, this car should be armed with high engine specs. People expect sporty car to develop above than average performance. It is rumored that the car will be equipped with turbocharged four-cylinder engine that has 1.5 liters discharge capacity. This engine yields 200 horsepower which is a significant improvement from its predecessor.

Another possible engine choice in Honda Prelude 2020 model is four-cylinder turbocharged engine with higher discharge capacity (2 liters). This engine is capable of producing power output up to 300 horsepower. Both engines are likely to be paired with 6-speed self-shifting transmission.

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Exterior Design

Sporty car enthusiasts expect drastic change for the new Prelude’s look. While the exterior design of its previous model can be considered classic, it certainly does not fit the taste of contemporary era. Rumors have spread around that the new model will actually take a design idea or two from another popular sport series by Honda, Accord.

The exterior of Honda Prelude 2020 will look sportier and sharper than Accord, though. In an effort to create its classic boxy look, the exterior part will look more angular than smooth. There is also a front grille added to complete the tough look. As a 2-door car, this car is understandably smaller than an Accord.

Interior Design

The most palpable change in new Prelude’s interior is definitely the technology. It is going to be equipped with a touch screen control panel. This panel will help managing the driving features of the sporty car. The control panel also encompassed Prelude’s modern infotainment system. It is said to support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as well.

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The interior design for Honda Prelude 2020 is also taking inspirations from Accord. It definitely wants to provide the optimum level of comfort for passengers. The car provides spacious room for passengers to move and stretch out. Its seats are designed to support the body nicely. Some modern safety features are also equipped in the interior design.

Price and Release Date

We can only be sure about the new model’s price when it is finally out. However, experts have made approximation about its price range based on the features and materials. This car is expected to fall within $33,000 to $36,000 for the base model. The price can go closer to $40,000 for upper tiers.

Previously, fans believed that the new model will be released as 2019 model. That assumption is probably fueled by rumors that have been circulating since 2017. The automaker certainly has good reasons to delay the release of Honda Prelude 2020. It is likely to be introduced to the market in mid-2020, especially since Honda has not released details about this car yet.

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  • I had the pleasure of owning a 1998 Honda Prelude bought new, am looking forward to the introduction of the 2020s model! Had many enjoyable miles in my Prelude and expect to have more in the future!

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