Modern Ford Fiesta 2020 Facelift

Ford is said to discontinue the Ford Fiesta in 2019 and they will come with more customer-friendly Ford Fiesta 2020 facelift. The customers want more affordable with better design and Ford gladly grant this wish. Let’s see the upcoming Ford Fiesta that will be introduced to the public.

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Ford Fiesta 2020 facelift

Ford Fiesta 2020 facelift

Performance, Engine, and Transmission

The upcoming Ford Fiesta is said to focus on the hybrid version. The company says that they will make the upcoming model with mild-hybrid variants. There are two models introduced in Europe, the Fiesta EcoBoost Hybrid and Focus EcoBoost. Both of them will use 1.0-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost that will replace the old version. The change will let the car to store more energy and provide better performance.

The change will also make the car needs less fuel consumption per kilometers. It also means that CO2 emission can be reduced. The company emphasizes this feature will enable the customers to visit the fuel pumps less often.

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Not only introducing the hybrid version, but Ford also introduces the double motor for the upcoming Ford Fiesta. The car will be packed with the 1.6-liter four-tube engine and it will create 120 hp. Similar to the previous version, this double-motor also allow the car to consume less fuel while producing great energy.

Ford Fiesta 2020 Facelift Interior

Ford Fiesta 2020 Facelift Interior

Exterior, Interior, and Infotainment

Compared to its predecessors, Ford Fiesta 2020 facelift result in a more attractive version of the Ford Fiesta. The exterior will emphasize the combination of sedan and hatchback. The upcoming Ford Fiesta also comes with better dimension and better figure. The spy photos also reveal that the car will have a sportier look. It is because the car has bigger tires and wheels, better spoiler, and firm body line.

The upcoming Ford Fiesta comes with rear and backs seating. The back car seats are foldable to give more space to carry bigger stuff. The interior also looks classy because of the leather seating as well as high-quality components.

Ford Fiesta 2020 Redesign

Ford Fiesta 2020 Redesign

Safety and Driving Features

The key features of this sedan are its spacious room inside. Compared to its predecessors, space will make the driver more comfortable. Some sources also say that this sedan is comfortable for short and long ride. More importantly, the design will make the driver feels comfortable in navigating the panel in the dashboard.

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Release Date and Price

The hybrid version of Ford Fiesta has been introduced to the public last April, but the other version hasn’t. The estimated price of both versions is above $15,000, but some other version will be more than $20,000. The hatchback version is the most expensive of the other version and the lowest price is rumored to be around $22,160. However, the fixed date of the upcoming Ford Fiesta isn’t known yet.

Ford becomes more focus on releasing hybrid cars, especially in Europe. The upcoming Ford Fiesta is said to be the upgraded version with greater features and technology. However, the company emphasizes that the upcoming Ford Fiesta 2020 facelift is more affordable than its predecessors. Let’s wait for the official announcements.

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