Fiat 500e 2021: Legendary Car with Zero Emissions

The legendary and iconic car, the Fiat 500, finally comes with the latest generation. Yes, after being introduced in 2007, the next generation of supermini cars with the same name comes with new faces, new features, to more environmentally friendly driving forces. Uniquely, the second generation 500 continues to be produced because the latest generation of small cars is only sold with electricity only.

Fiat 500e 2021

Comes with the name 500e, this car was developed on a completely new platform. As a result, this new car is 60 mm wider and longer and the wheelbase is 20 mm longer than the previous generation. But, the overall length of this car is still less than 4 meters. For a while, 500e 2021 comes with an open roof model. By exterior design, compared to the previous 500, this latest model looks more rounded. On the face, the Fiat designer team redesigned the headlights so they look more modern. The main lights already have LED Daytime Running Lights.

Fiat 500e 2021 Review and Specifications

The lights now come with a rounded thin line design and integrated with turn signal. Interestingly, the Fiat logo which is usually present on the grille is replaced with an emblem that reads ‘500’. Meanwhile for the rear, the rear lights get a more modern design. The ‘500e’ logo appears in this section to emphasize that this is an environmentally friendly car.

Fiat 500e 2021 Interior

Not only the outside design that looks more modern, but also the interior, from the driver’s side there is now a steering wheel with two bars reinforcing a classic impression. Behind him is a 7-inch digital instrument panel. In the middle of the cockpit there is a 10.25-inch touch screen. The transmission lever is removed and replaced with buttons which are now becoming a trend.

Entertainment features can be accessed through the latest generation Uconnect 5. Driver assistant features are also embedded, such as automatic braking, blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, and many more. The driving modes available are Normal, Range and Sherpa. The last mode when activated will automatically limit the performance of the car so that battery usage is more efficient.

Fiat 500e 2021 Review

The driving force used is a 118 hp electric motor, while the batteries are used with a capacity of 42 kWh. For performance, Fiat claims that the 500e can reach speeds of 100 km / h from rest in 9 seconds and the maximum speed is 150 km / hour. If the battery is fully charged, then this car can be invited to explore as far as 320 km. The time needed to recharge the battery is 14 hours using a home power socket. If the owner uses an 85 kW socket, recharging requires a much faster time, ie 35 minutes has reached 80%.

The Fiat 500e uses a single electric motor with a 42 kWh capacity battery. This electric motor is able to develop power up to 88 kilowatts or around 118 hp. In the Fiat note, to accelerate from 0-100 km/h only takes 9 seconds, while the maximum speed is 150 km / hour. The interesting is not just the sprint ability of this tiny car. But reportedly the battery in the electric version of the Fiat 500 is able to be used to cover a distance of 320 kilometers (Km) from full condition until the battery is completely depleted. If the battery runs out, this car also uses a fast charging system. The battery will be charged 80 percent in 35 minutes.

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