Ferrari Mondial For Sale Review and Price

If you want to search Ferrari Mondial for sale, you must know how affordable this sports car is. Yes, this is the most affordable car built by Ferrari. Let’s have a look in details about this special car, which was built in the late 1970s below.

Ferrari Mondial for sale

Ferrari Mondial for sale


We usually discuss about the history of a car if it is one of legendary sports car now. So does this Ferrari Mondial. The background behind this Ferrari’s flagship was when this manufacturer looked for a replacement of 308 GT4 and 208 GT4. The main objective was to create more usable car as well as four-seat capability but keeping highest performance at its finest. Mondial came as the result of this objective. Ferrari announced this special car at Geneva Auto Salon in 1980. For your information, the Mondial’s name was inspired by the 500 Mondial as race car in 1950.


Then, let’s take a look at the exterior design of the Mondial. This is the first thing that you must check for the first time when looking for Ferrari Mondial for sale. Unfortunately, the exterior of this car was getting too much critics because experts and other car enthusiasts felt that this sports car owns too mundane exterior, which isn’t the characteristic of Ferrari’s car. In other words, it is too bland for a Ferrari. You can see it on the bumpers and glass house. We feel the lack of aggressiveness that we usually find on other Ferrari. However, it isn’t as ugly as we think. It is still enjoyable even we ride it in 2019.

Ferrari Mondial for sale uk

Ferrari Mondial for sale uk


Perhaps, the next part you should check when searching Ferrari Mondial for sale is its interior. For your information, Ferrari did a significant change on the interior compartment since it launched Mondial. You can see the difference when comparing it with the 308 GT4. Starting from the dashboard, Ferrari lowered the dash’s position so that it is closer to the floor, integrated with the steering column. Meanwhile, the instrument cluster uses rectangular design as we can see on other Ferrari’s lineups in 1980s. One important thing is the two-tone design with lower section, which was once in blue moon for other sports car at the moment. The center console was also changed. It is wider than previous lineup so that the driver can be more comfortable with closer shifter.  The steering wheel got some refinement, too. However, the seats weren’t as sporty as other Ferrari’s lineup.

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Under the Hood

We are now at the most specific thing that you must know when looking for Ferrari Mondial for sale. The drivertrain or engine option is the common thing that we usually know. For your information, Ferrari gave an upgraded engine as well. It started with V8 engine of 1960’s lineup to 2.9 L engine that we also found on the 308 GT and 308 GTB. The Mondial delivers 214 horsepower and 181 pound-feet of torque. These outputs weren’t the fastest engine that Ferrari has ever made by the way because Mondial reaches 0-60 mph almost in ten seconds.


Lastly, we got some detailed information about the Ferrari Mondial for sale. But, it won’t complete if there is no price amount. At the time of launching, this car was priced $60,000. Now, you can buy it in a price range of $35,000 to $40,000. That is why it is so affordable.

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