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DS5 Crossback 2020 Makes Stronger Comeback

You cannot blame people when they are not too interested with ds5 crossback 2020. How is it so? Just two years before, DS released DS5 to the market. Unfortunately, this model fails miserably to meet public’s expectation or beat its other competitors. Determined to bring things back to their track, DS fixes major faults in their car. Will this be enough?

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Ds5 Crossback 2020 Release date

Ds5 Crossback 2020 Release date

Performance, Engine, and Transmission

Since people have slight doubt towards DS cars, costumers will be more likely to look at standard model first. It has favorable manual transition, but with less luxury additions. Still, drivers could always pay more for better additional.

In his last interview, representative from DS mentioned that they will give up on diesel machine. Puretech automatic version will be their next main star. It will be paired with Hybrid 4×4.

Exterior, Interior, and Infotainment

When DS said that ds5 crossback 2020 is better than old DS5 model, they are not joking. There is harsh critic on older interior, point out how the passenger could literally hear the road. For newer model, DS is using better sound proof interior.

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In order to reach “swift but silent” trip, DS also upgrades window glass and door seal. For window glass, the material is thicker. It will do better job in blocking sounds from the road. Installing better door seal will double up sound cancelling power.

Drivers now can enjoy long trip better with all the entertainment provided. Higher end models come with great saloon and moonroof. Passengers could also sit on more comfortable seating,

Ds5 Crossback 2020 Interior

Ds5 Crossback 2020 Interior

Safety and Driving Features

DS gains popularity from being the safest cars in store. Each year, this company follows and upgrades their cars with latest technology, ensuring high safety standard. When some other cars do not offer rearview camera, DS puts it in their standard package.

Two other safety signatures are blind spot monitor and rear cross traffic alerts. Both limited and touring models have them and they are ready to use. DS provides even cooler feature for their high end model. It is called Subaru Eyesight System.

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This safety system takes lots of cameras, installed on the cars. Pre-installed detection system will have direct control over brakes and steering wheel. If there is any car or pedestrian is found within the radar, car will automatically give warning or even stop.

Release Date and Price

Even though DS is quick to spread words about their new product, they are not revealing exact release date. It is either marketing strategy to keep public interested or a sign that finish line is still far ahead. Either way, drivers could only monitor any updates from DS website.

Do you want to know the price? Many people are curious, but no statement released by DS yet. Hopefully, new upgrades will not raise its price too high. Last 2018, you could bring home a DS5 with 28.000 USD.

After suffering from quite major loss during their last sale, ds5 crossback 2020 is coming to prove that DS is still a worthy competitor. Drivers and passengers will enjoy pleasant ride with upgraded noise cancelling interior. DS also boldly adds more safety features to its standard model.

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