Denver Auto Accident Attorney: Getting a Basic Fact of Your Situation

Although professional Denver auto accident attorney can improve your odds in winning the case and proving your claim, the process of choosing one shouldn’t be overlooked or underestimated. Yes, an attorney can help you with your auto accident issue but an unprofessional lawyer won’t do you any good. Why would you even consult a lawyer when they are no use for you – or your case? Not only you need to understand the function and benefits of hiring a professional lawyer, you also need to know the proper way of choosing one.

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Denver Auto Accident Attorney

Denver Auto Accident Attorney

Understanding the State’s Law

Before you understand the main reason why you would need a lawyer, you need to understand at least some of the basic facts about the regulation in your state. When there is a car crash, will it be treated as a no-fault case or a fault case? If it is a fault case state, you need to hire a professional Denver auto accident attorney to file a claim to the person responsible for the accident. If it is a no-fault case state, you may need to hire a lawyer to deal with your own insurance company. Yes, the same company that handles your insurance policy. But then again, it depends on your circumstances and how your insurance provider is dealing with the issue.

In the no-fault state, everyone is responsible for their own expenses. No matter who would be considered responsible for the accident, both the one responsible party as well as the victim will be required to spend money for the repair, medical bills, and other costs. In most cases, they will turn to their insurance providers – which will lead you to deal with your insurance provider. In the at fault state, on the other hand, the condition would be different. Those who are considered responsible for the accident will be required to take a full responsibility to all of the expenses. Not only he will be responsible for his own expenses, he will also have to pay for the victims’ spending and expenses. In the most standard case, the presence of Denver auto accident attorney will be needed to deal with the opposite party – especially because Denver is applying the at fault state regulation.

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Determining Mistakes and Fault

You probably think that you are pretty sure about the responsible party and whose fault that causes the accident from the first place. However, you should also know that people have their own natural mechanism of defense. Knowing that they may be charged guilty for the accident and to avoid punishment, most of the responsible parties will claim innocence – they either can’t remember the exact details of the accident or they simply don’t want to admit their fault. It gets worse when their insurance company and their lawyer persuade them not to admit guilty for the claim. And this is when the assistance of a professional Denver auto accident attorney is needed.

Representing you in the case, the Denver auto accident attorney will make sure that they have all the evidence to prove their claim and to prove that the other party is responsible for the accident. They will try their best to gather around the evidence as well as conducting an investigation to know the details, collect proofs, and such things alike. Wait, can’t you do it on your own? Well, it is possible to do things your own but let’s not forget that your life doesn’t revolve around the case only – what about your family? What about work? What about your other obligations? You can’t dismiss it away and only focus on the case. This is one of the major reasons why you need a professional help who is familiar with the whole thing.

Discussing Things

As you can see, having a professional help of a legal representative can definitely help – it provides a big relieve of burden but never agree on the deal if you haven’t discussed things thoroughly with your lawyer. When you set up an initial meeting with any potential candidate, ask them about contingency fee and how they manage it. Contingency fee is a payment scheme where the lawyers will get a percentage from the total settlement. The great thing about contingency fee is that you won’t have to worry about paying them anything if you lose the case. The flaw is that you will have to spend some certain percentage from your settlement. Let’s say that you win a total settlement of $100,000. The standard fee is around 33% if it doesn’t go to the court and 40% if it goes to the court. Your lawyer will get $40,000 from the on court settlement. What if you win $500,000? Make the calculation yourself.

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Such a number may seem like a huge number, but let’s not forget that your Denver auto accident attorney will most likely do the work. They are the ones doing the investigation. They are the ones managing the legal process. They are the ones supporting you. They are the ones handling the case – even dealing with the paperwork and other complicated procedures when it goes to court. It seems like a logical thing to do to let them enjoy the handsome reward in the end.

But the standard fee isn’t something too strict or solid. You can always talk things thoroughly with the lawyer. In the event you feel that the fee is too high, you can always discuss it with them. Do this at the initial meeting – talk to them about the possibility of having a lower percentage. It is also possible to have them keep the standard fee but they will be the one responsible for all the expenses and costs.

In short, there is no such thing as impossible arrangement with these professional legal representatives. As long as you have discussed things over and both of you have reached a mutual agreement, it is always possible to hire the skilled Denver auto accident attorney without burdening you financially.

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