Take a Look at Citroen DS5 2020 Design and Advanced Features

Compact car is the tough market in car industry. In this category, there are several models, ranging from compact sedan, crossover, SUV, and hatchback. The latter is popular for city and urban driving. To fulfill the demand for executive and city driving, Citroen released DS in 2011. The next Citroen DS5 2020 will have several features in order to enhance its capability and performance.

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Citroen DS5 2020 Release date

Citroen DS5 2020 Release date

Design and Interior

The car has wheelbase 2.7 meter, and it’s enough to maneuver in urban area. The car has curve front side where the engine is located. Hatchback model uses five doors: four at each side, and one at rear side. However, the body is slightly higher than standard hatchback because the compact wheelbase gives longer body frame.

Citroen DS5 2020 has improvements in many areas since the first release. LED headlight gives bright vision especially in dark or snow situation. Several sensors and cameras are attached and integrated for safety measures. Basically, the design is modern and suitable for urban driving.

Its interior has spacious cabin with two-row seat. The compact sedan separates cabin and compartment for luggage. However, hatchback has benefit due to unified body design. More space is available at the rear for your things. Besides, you can adjust the last row to give extra space, in case you need to bring more stuff.

Executive car means it has instruments and panels with sophisticated technology. At front dashboard, you will see the display with several apps. Drivers can connect their smartphone to synchronize. Moreover, Citroen gives entertainment features in order to make the driving and journey comfortable. Those are the perks for buying premium car.

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Engine and Features

Citroen develops this car with another manufacturer. You will see similar concept and base design, including the engine. However, DS5 has additional features to make the car look premium for executive driving.

For engine, this car uses 1.6 liter GDI Turbocharged. This engine is reliable for daily driving. Small capacity means you will get utmost fuel efficiency. Besides, Citroen also gives auto 6-speed Aisin for transmission. You will do the smooth transition and the car responses quickly.

Another engine is diesel to fulfill the demand in Europe. The capacity is 2.0 liter with moderate powertrain. Based on testing result, this car will consume approximately 8 liter for 100 km. That’s impressive record, and Citroen DS5 2020 will be at top list if you want the fuel efficiency vehicle.

Release Date and Related Information

How much is Citroen DS5? The price starts at $23,000, but you need at least $25,000. You can customize it with few accessories, but the price is slightly higher. In addition, the price might be different in one country and others. Citroen is mostly known in Europe and Asia. However, you can get this car in North America. Visit the nearby dealer regarding the price and other costs.

For your information, Citroen still puts this car in development stage, and there is not official announcement yet. You need to wait until the next year for new Citroen DS5 2020. Those are few things you should know about new car from Citroen.

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