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Where to go when you want to make a car donation Los Angeles? You shouldn’t be confused or concerned when you want to make a donation, especially in the big city like Los Angeles. After all, doing good things for the others have never gone old – there is no boundary or limit to it. But things can be complicated when you are taking parts in organizations or foundations in big cities like Los Angeles. So, what should you do when you want to do something for others?

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Car Donation Los Angeles

Car Donation Los Angeles

All the Good Deeds

Each state and city has their own charitable organizations or foundations that you can go to. Whether it is women shelter, make a wish for kids, or foundations for the veterans, you are free to choose whatever organization you want to take part in. Naturally, these charities don’t only accept cars – they accept almost anything, from money to other vehicles furniture, and even plane or boat.

Some people have focused on the same charity for years. For instance, you are free to choose the women shelter or kids with cancer charity – and you help the activities for years. Some, though, may choose different organizations. They have the ideas that choosing different foundations allow them to reach various types of people and disabled people – so they aren’t offering an exclusive help and donation to one organization only. For instance, you may donate money to the Purple Heart this year and then you have a car donation Los Angeles to the Goodwill charity the following year. Whatever your donation preference is, be sure that you have chosen the legit service and you have helped others.

The Basic Mechanism

There are several basic perks that you can enjoy from doing a car donation Los Angeles. For a starter, you are definitely able to enjoy the tax break perk, which is the main attraction of the offer. When you have an old and unused car wreck sitting on your yard, and you have no intention of doing something about it, it would be a good idea to donate it away. It’s like having a multifunctional benefit: you can get rid of the old wreck while enjoying the tax break perk.

Second, you can enjoy the free towing service. When you want to get rid of your old wreck on your own, you can call the towing service – and calling them will cost you. Yes, you will have to spend money when you want to use their service. But when you take part in car donation Los Angeles program, a tow service will pick your car up – and you don’t even have to spend a dime. The tow service is sent by the social organizations so there is no need for you to spend money for the towing service. Now, you don’t have to worry about spending money to remove the old wreck – and you don’t even have to worry about the overall arrangement.

Third, you can also choose any charities or foundations that you like. In most cases, the charities will have the similar implementations and methods although they may have different policies, regulations, and requirements. But in most cases, they share similar operation and basic mechanism. Although some charities have their own special service – they have their own towing service (not using the third party provider), they have their own auctioneer, and such thing alike, the others may still require a collaborative work with the third party providers. Keep in mind, though, that if you want your charity to enjoy the full sales price, you may have to drive the car on your own to some money for the towing service. But if your vehicle isn’t running but still towable, you will still have to use the towing service.

How to Make a Donation

So, how do you make a car donation to any of the car donation Los Angeles charities? Here are the easy steps:

  • You need to choose which charity or foundation you want to donate. And check whether the charity is working together with the IRS so you can really enjoy the tax benefits
  • Once you choose a charity, go to their official website. They generally have contact info – whether you want to contact them through email, phone call, or online. If you prefer the online system, they also provide a special page for the donation form so you can fill it out
  • Contact them. You will have to provide the information about your car. Let them review the car and decide whether they will accept it or not. If they do accept it, they will contact you to confirm it and notify you
  • They will contact you to arrange a pick up schedule. In general, it takes around 24 hours to 48 hours for the service to take your car. But then again, if you are willing to drive it, they will arrange the schedule too.

Keep in mind that you should keep all the documentation if you want to be able to claim for the tax deduction. Photo documents, paperwork, and the receipt from the charity will be crucial for your tax documentation. When you take part in car donation Los Angeles, you will get a receipt from the towing service as the proof that they have taken the car from you. After the car is sold through the auction, the charity should send you the documents – and also possibly the tax document that is needed for the tax break claim. Some charities may have more receipts during the process of delivery, checking, and sales, but in most case, the two receipts are the most important.

You don’t have to donate loads of money just to be useful for others. By giving away something that you no longer need or use can be beneficial for others. You only need to check your surrounding and neighborhood – which charity attract your attention the most. With so many programs of car donation Los Angeles, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the people in need.

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