Cadillac V Series 2020 and the New Duo of Luxury Sedans

In 2020, the V Series will celebrate its 15 years dedication. This sub-brand has released various luxury sedans with great specs. The latest release is the CT6-V and it was released in 2019. Now, there will be two new models of Cadillac V Series 2020 in order to give good celebration.

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Cadillac V Series 2020 Price

Cadillac V Series 2020 Price

General Overview of Cadillac V Series 2020

After the 2019 CT6-V, Cadillac wants to add new generations for the V Series. It will be the new 2020 CT4-V and CT5-V. Together with the CT6-V, these three cars are like siblings who will run on the road. From the exterior look and design, they look similar. Grille and front fascia use the same design. However, some details show the differences, such as the headlight.

The other differences can also be seen under the hood. These points become the most significant differences in the three models of Cadillac V Series 2020. CT6-V is the one with highest specification, and the CT5-V is like the youngest brother among this trio.

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In term of technology, the Magnetic Ride Control 4.0 becomes one of the special and interesting points to find in the V Series 2020. This is special enhancement given for the sector of performance, so it can boost the power output. Although the power is improved, it does not give bad impact on the comfort and handling. Responsiveness and convenience still can be found even when the car is on the top speed.

Preview of 2020 CT5-V

For the new generation of Cadillac V Series 2020, the exterior is made more aggressive. At the same time, the vehicles show the luxury look of sedans. The aggressive and luxurious design can be seen from the area of grille and headlights. Front fascia really shows differences compared to the previous V Series. The design is applied for both CT5-V and CT4-V.

Cadillac V Series 2020 Release date

Cadillac V Series 2020 Release date

Under the hood, this gets good engine. It uses twin turbo engine. There V6 3.0liter that will be able to provide output up to 355 horsepower. This is also equipped with 10 speeds with auto transmission. There are also some features and technology for better performance and safety.

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Preview of 2020 CT4-V

Generally, the interior and exterior is similar. However, it is the younger brother in the Cadillac V Series 2020, so it has some adaptation in order to show that the CT5-V is in the higher specs. Of course, it will later affect the price of this model.

In the sector of performance, this also gets the turbocharged engine. It is good thing to see since sometimes lowest model will get weaker engine. It uses 2.7liter engine and its power is able to reach 320 horsepower. Based on the power, it seems that both of them do not have drastic differences and it is surely great to obtain.

Release Date of Cadillac V Series 2020

For the release date, it is said that the car will be ready in the early 2020. The manufacturer already shows the information in its website. Both of them will be released in the same time. Unfortunately, there is still no official info regarding the fixed price. Of course, this will be clear once Cadillac V Series 2020 has officially arrived in dealers.

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