Buick Tourx 2020 as Wagon with Spacious Cargo and Luxury Features

Buick is known as the top manufacturer in car industry. Several vehicles are produced, and one of upcoming models is Buick Tourx 2020. In general, this car adopts Buick Regal platform but transformed into wagon. The car has slightly low clearance that’s useful while maneuvering. To know more about this car, you should read the following sections.

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Design and features

Tourx is wagon car that its design looks like hatchback or crossover SUV. At the first glance, you may see similarity between Regal and Tourx. In fact, both have the same platform, but different development. Regal focuses on sedan and this model is for wagon style vehicle. Keep in mind wagon does not have to be dull and less attractive. On contrary, Buick seems to put much effort to redesign and refine what wagon should be.

Buick Tourx 2020 Release date

Buick Tourx 2020 Release date

The exterior uses low clearance for front grille alongside iconic Buick emblem. The headlamps are sharp with LED mode. It helps to shine vivid light, especially during dark and snow. The car has four doors alongside the last one in rear side. Due to low clearance, you can open easily. Buick Tourx 2020 has panorama window at the car roof. From cabin, you will see clear sky directly in vast glass.

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The cabin is more spacious than regular sedan and crossover. Furthermore, you can put extra stuffs at rear side but still enough room for seating. Seat configuration ensures driver and passengers to feel more comfortable. Buick Tourx has display at front dashboard to control several features. It has size 7-inch with touchscreen mode. Update features let driver to connect the internet directly. This car is also capable to synchronize with smartphone via Bluetooth. Those are the things you get when buying this car.

Engine and performance

Buick Tourx 2020 uses engine 2.0 liter that’s capable to produce 250 hp. Even though the powertrain is relatively at medium level, the car has impressive acceleration rate. As wagon, the design and engine work side by side to reduce air resistant.

Buick Tourx 2020 Interior

Buick Tourx 2020 Interior

Luxury touch comes with technology to make sure you drive the car safely. Each seat has seatbelts and airbags that ready to protect from severe injury. Buick puts safety measures, such as advanced braking, lane departure warning, hill assist, etc.

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As wagon, the cargo is important part. You can put cargo up to 73 cubic feet. If you need more space, configure the last seat to expand the cargo and cabin. Moreover, this car has EPA rating at 21/29. It means one gallon is enough for 21 miles in city driving and 29 miles in highway driving. That’s excellent record for wagon with top fuel efficiency.

Release date and price

The car is already available on market. You may order it directly at nearby dealer. If you want 2020 model, it is better to order immediately. Usually, the car production is one year after initial introduction. Of course, you should order it as early as possible. Besides, you might receive priority list if paying the car one year before it is ready. The price for Buick Tourx 2020 starts at $30,000 and it goes higher if you want more features.

Buick Tourx 2020 Price

Buick Tourx 2020 Price

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