BMW Truck 2020 and What This Car Will Look Like

BMW is known as company that produces luxury car. Many models have been introduced from various categories. One of them is new SUV with brand name X7. It is the full-size SUV from BMW with advanced features, luxury specification, and powerful engine. There is rumor to turn X7 into BMW Truck 2020.

BMW Truck 2020

BMW Truck 2020

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Rumor and Development

Before exploring more about this topic, you should understand that BMW Truck 2020 is still rumor. There is no official information from BMW and related company. You might see some rendering models with X7 as the base design but has open trunk at back. That’s part of reintroduce what full-size SUV can do besides regular capability.

BMW Truck 2020 is long way, but still possible. BMW is known as manufacturer that produces car for driving. When you compare between BMW and competitors in the same segment, BMW wins in aspect that driver feels enjoyable and comfortable. Luxury car is mostly for creating exclusive when sitting in car seat. Of course, most of owners use chauffeurs that means they do not drive by themselves.

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That’s not different principle when BMW introduced X7 in 2014. Full-size SUV is durable and high performance car that’s capable to handle many things. You may drive it in city, mountain, off-road, even the most difficult terrain. BMW has special trim level for this model.

SUV to be pickup truck is the most reliable thing to try. Instead of starting from scratch, BMW should try to modify SUV into truck. The car has same the wheelbase and design, except the rear side. At front, the bold grille with LED light will support what driver want. In general, front side is exactly similar to X7, but BMW only changes several parts at rear side.

Engine and Performance

Even though BMW Truck 2020 is still rumor, there is interesting idea regarding engine and performance. SUV and pickup trucks use the same base design, and the engine receives few upgrades. You can drive the SUV alongside passenger and some stuffs. On contrary, pickup truck carries more than bags and more lifting. For such purpose, BMW needs to strengthen the car frame and structure.

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For performance, the engine may use the same capacity and specs as X7. For example, new truck puts 3.0 liter and 4.0-liter engine that’s capable to boost powertrain between 350 and 420 hp. That’s enough to keep everything in check. Furthermore, the truck should rely more on diesel in order to boost the efficiency rating.

Price and Release date

When BMW Truck 2020 is announced? As it mentioned above, the car is still unknown, or BMW keeps the secret for developing this model. You need to wait patiently because BMW might introduce the concept car for future truck.

When new car is ready to introduce, usually people want to know two things: the specification and price. Based on BMW X7, the price for luxury truck should be at least $70,000. That’s expensive price for one truck, and you only use for the things with high risk. That’s what you should know about BMW Truck 2020.

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